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  1. Hughie

    Great Britain Mouldridge Lead Mine, Derbyshire, September 2021

    1. The History Mouldridge Mine is situated in Grattondale, near Pikehall, Derbyshire. It is believed to have taken its name from Mole Ridge. The small-scale working was mined for lead and began life as a number of separate workings and shafts, run by small groups of miners. The earliest workings...
  2. Hughie

    Great Britain Kinder Water Treatment Works, Derbyshire, August 2020

    1. The History Kinder Water Treatment Works is located near Hayfield in the High Peak region of Derbyshire. It was built in 1912 to filter the water from Kinder Reservoir before it was piped to local homes and businesses. The brick building with its rows of arched windows and skylights is a...
  3. Hughie

    Great Britain Hermitage Mill, Mansfield, Notts, April 2019

    1. The History Hermitage Mill is built close to the waters of the River Maun which runs alongside the it. Built as a cotton mill in sandstone and three storeys high (with basement), it was at first part of the Unwin family's many business ventures. The Unwin family were a dominant force in the...
  4. Hughie

    Belgium Amicale Solvay, Charleroi , Belgium, November 2019

    1. The History The modernist leisure centre of Amicale Solvay is located in Couillet, in Belgian city of Charleroi and was built to celebrate the company’s 75th anniversary. It takes its name from Ernest Solvay (1838-1922) and his brother Alfred who chose Couillet as the location to set up their...
  5. Hughie

    Belgium Sanatorium du Basil, Belgium, April 2018

    1. The History Located above the hamlet of Borgoûmont in a clearing in the middle of the woods at an altitude of 420 meters, this imposing building of approximately 150 meters in length faces south. Construction of the imposing sanatorium commenced in 1900 at the initiative of Ernest Malvoz, the...
  6. Hughie

    Spain El Torbiscal, near Seville, Spain, December 2017

    1. The History El Torbiscal was a "model" agricultural town founded in 1947 and located at next to National Highway IV, between Los Palacios, Utrera. In its heyday, approximately 40 years ago, 500 inhabitants were spread over 150 homes , along with 185 staff workers, two hundred temporary...
  7. Hughie

    Great Britain Cremyll WW2 Oil storage depot, near Plymouth, July 2019

    1. The History At the time, searched high and low for info on this place but found absolutely nothing. Not a single shred of info anywhere on the internet. 2. The Explore Previously I had explored a fuel storage site closer to Cremyll. It’s above ground and easy to reach, if nothing...
  8. Hughie

    Hong Kong Shaw Brothers film studios, Hong Kong, July 2019

    1. The History In 1925, three Shaw brothers (Runje, Runme, and Runde) founded the Tianyi Film Company in Shanghai. They also established a film-distribution base in Singapore, where Runme and the youngest brother, Run Run (did the parents like Rs?), managed the precursor to the parent company...
  9. Hughie

    Thailand Chiang Mai Women's Correctional Institution, Thailand, August 2019

    1. The History Located just north of the old city in the centre of Chiang Mai, there’s not a lot of information on the web (in English) about the former prison. It dates back to the early 1900s (although some other sources refer to the 1920s) when it was originally used to incarcerate men. It...