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  1. Ninja Kitten

    Part Two of NK & PS Northern Medical Adventures...2013

    After fun and games in the "Poor Sick Orphanage" we decided to head over to good old Rossendale and grace her with our presance. :) The place is quite large so we decided with time abit against us to try the new bit all be it the most difficult to negotiate..we braved wheelie bins with wobbly...
  2. Ninja Kitten

    A day out at School...2012

    Every now and again i hear this nag."mum..mum..when can you take me sploring,,,something fun like a school..a swimming pool and a place with loads to look at...."not much to ask really! ...a quick call to my bestey PS and wer in the car ... an hour or so later and we pull up...may as well teach...
  3. Ninja Kitten

    Seamstress's cottage March 2013

    ive been rather intrigued by this littleone for a long time..ide wander past several times last summer and have a little peek but could never really figure the place out...was some one living in it or not?? A closer peep a few weeks ago had me spinning on my head ( well you know what i mean )...
  4. Ninja Kitten

    Photos for forum update!!!

    Are we all done for posting our favourite photos on the thread " WE NEED YOUR PHOTOS "?? If so i suggest you all take a peek at the photos posted on there and choose what you like best and post below...only choose one..and il get to work on it... cheers guys and gals!!
  5. Ninja Kitten

    The Coffin Shop April 2013

    Explored...laughed...spiked...and battered with my besty Perjury Saint.. beep beeep beep!! its 4am time to splore!! a text comes through "" OI T**T get up! Time to coffin Dodge!" :) x ......... We have both looked at this one for a year or more and ummed and arrged at it...a 50 ft wall...
  6. Ninja Kitten

    We Need Your Photos! All Members heads up here!

    As you are aware the forum is currently being revamped...I am in the process of designing the banner that heads the forum oblivion state... what i need is photos that depict what we do and what we are all about...and who better to ask than all you guys and gals!!...once we have a good across the...
  7. Ninja Kitten

    Beaver Mill...2013

    Ive had this buzzing about in my head for such a long time and it was beginning to nag at me so wellys on and away we went...The pics below are actually two seperate mills one just around the corner from the other...and both proved to be equally outstanding surroundings...they...
  8. Ninja Kitten

    Wolverhampton Infirmary/Hospital..2012

    Part of the brummy adventure...the place is pretty trashed but still holds a few nice bits and bobs... and used as a police dog handling ground now...splored alone ..well untill the dog handlers arrived ;) hope you like the pics..
  9. Ninja Kitten

    George Barnsley..and the Magic take 2012

    We all know and love this place so thought ide throw a few of my little pics up ..ive left the big angles out ..splored with Ps as always a memorable weekend in many ways..especially the magic mushrooms on the motorway.. :) hope you enjoy the pics...
  10. Ninja Kitten

    Springfield Brewery 2012

    Part of our Brummy adventures took us here..very iconic in its day but rather a state now and development has started..but it was the end of a great day with PS and we passed her so thought it rude not too really ;) probably the best part of it was being shocked by a massive security man...
  11. Ninja Kitten

    Screws and a Swinging monkey ...2012

    Better known as GKN Screw factory in the heart of the ever lovurley Brum :shock: splored with PS as always a brilliant adventure exploring the rat run of never ending tunnels under neath her...highlight of the day was with out a doubt turning roung and seeing a monkey dangling off a rope and...
  12. Ninja Kitten

    Just A Printers ....2012

    After a rammed weekend of full on splores with my besty PS this was a place that ide wanted to lookaround for some time..After probably gaining the most cheekiest ever entry in we literally couldnt beleive what we were looking at...they just shut the doors on this place and walked out the...
  13. Ninja Kitten

    The House Of Tears...Sept 2012

    The House Of Tears...this place has been a labour of love and hate on occasions...Those who recognise her will know the history and the tragedy that runs throughout her walls..she is simply stunning to walk around in knowing that some of our legends of music have stayed there also made it even...
  14. Ninja Kitten

    I missed my 10am slot....Sheffield court 2013

    Never leave without bobbys splore food...cheers tink ;) I even got there early to show willing....... JUST SEND HER DOWN!!!!
  15. Ninja Kitten

    Ainsleys,Wetherbys and Tam Crown Works Jan 13

    A nice Sunday spend having a wander round the Potteries of stoke...a selection of my pics from..Ainsleys..Wetherbys and Tam Crown Works..all interesting sites with bits and bobs left behind..for some reason i have no externals aplolgies for that..on with the pics..
  16. Ninja Kitten

    Hospital C with plenty to see..2013

    A lovely old hospital again with lots of peely paint and nice features..and a whole basement full of interesting bits..explored with ps,sk and ben..another epic day:)
  17. Ninja Kitten

    Great Britain Good old St Joes...2013

    Juat a few of what was a fab splore with Ben..A cracking day with some good locations and fun with walkie talkies.. as you do :) "UP ON THE ROOOOOF"
  18. Ninja Kitten

    'The Waterloo' 2012

    'The Waterloo' A grade 2 listed edwardian hostelry founded in 1908, The Waterloo has the most beautiful tiles throughout, wonderfully ornate not the sort of decoration you find in pubs these days. It became renowned for its downstairs Grill Room complete with its coke fired open grill, said to...
  19. Ninja Kitten

    HMS Plymouth sept 2012

    Some history can be found here and reads much better than i could write down. Needless to say HMS Plymouth participated in the 1982 Falklands Conflict. She sailed with Tide Class Tanker RFA Tidepool and County Class Destroyer HMS Antrim to South...
  20. Ninja Kitten

    The Acid House...2012

    nice little wander with plenty to see..explored the end of 2012..after a great day with some brilliant locations this was a bit of a wild card ide sat on for about a year so thought we better check her out and im glad we did...The building is tucked away in woodland and full of plenty of...