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  1. BikinGlynn

    Great Britain Dudley Ryder School - Feb 22

    Sandon School The Dudley Ryder School formally known as Sandon School was founded in 1824 by Lord Harrowby & opened in 1825. Originally there were two class rooms one for boys & one for girls and there was around 100 pupils in attendance with the headmasters house in between the girls &...
  2. BikinGlynn

    Great Britain Borders College - Sept 21

    Borders College Borders College was formed in 1984 by the amalgamation of Galashiels Technical College, Henderson Technical College (Hawick), Duns Agricultural Centre and the Agricultural Centre, Newtown St. Boswells. On April 1st 1993 under the Further Education (Scotland) Act 1992...
  3. BikinGlynn

    Great Britain Browns Of Wem - March 22

    Browns Of Wem In 1946 Mr H.C. Brown had the inspiration to buy ex Army buildings, dismantle them, sell them and re-erect them as farm buildings for livestock and implement sheds and this turned into a very interesting and successful business. As the business developed Mr Brown decided to...
  4. BikinGlynn

    Great Britain Salem chapel Arthog June 2022

    Gotta love wales for chapels
  5. BikinGlynn

    Great Britain St Edwards Wigan - Nov 20

    yeah shame aint it Im guessing it all ended up in a skip!
  6. BikinGlynn

    Great Britain Bedham Schoolhouse - Sept 21

    Contrary to popular belief this was prominently a schoolhouse not a church. The small schoolhouse was built by William Townley Mitford MP of Pitshill manor and the Church of England to provide elementary education for children from the hamlet and surrounding area. Built in the style of a chapel...
  7. BikinGlynn

    Great Britain Stewartby Brickworks 2016-22

    its had numerous fires & I believe the chimneys / kilns have been demoed but still a bit left
  8. BikinGlynn

    Great Britain Stewartby Brickworks 2016-22

    Sorry there is quite a few from here Thanks For Looking
  9. BikinGlynn

    Great Britain Stewartby Brickworks 2016-22

    Stewartby Brickworks Stewartby village was effectively the creation of the London Brick Company and its inhabitants worked almost exclusively for that firm. Stewartby was, in many ways, a Bedfordshire version of Bournville in Birmingham, a model community established by a large...
  10. BikinGlynn

    Belgium church of the larks 03/2022

    Germany by the looks of it!
  11. BikinGlynn

    Great Britain Dewsbury Union Office - Feb 21

    yeah its surprisingly untapped gem!
  12. BikinGlynn


    Very nice. u were lucky with all that breathing room we had half that in a place at weekend & it was soup thick Ocre lol looks like a decent explore though.
  13. BikinGlynn

    Great Britain Primitive Methodist / Timpsons Engineering - Jun 20

    I wish I had longer in here, there was a lot of documents & drawings to peruse!
  14. BikinGlynn

    Great Britain Primitive Methodist / Timpsons Engineering - Jun 20

    yes they have struck a mezz floor straight through the middle of the lot. Shame really it didnt feel like a chapel anymore
  15. BikinGlynn

    Great Britain Draycott Colliery (Last ascent of the shaft) Oct 21

    Thanks Jane Thanks dude its a decent place
  16. BikinGlynn

    Great Britain Osmaston Mill - Sep 21

    Small is certainly beautiful! This place is a lovely overshot wheel powering pumps presumably to supply the original Osmaston Hall. The hall is now a wedding venue & I can see why, it had a sublime tranquillity about it & I really enjoyed spending a bit of time here despite the unwelcoming...
  17. BikinGlynn

    Great Britain Kinder Waterworks - Oct 20

    Kinder Waterworks The Kinder Water Treatment Works near Glossop, has stood derelict for more than 20 years but has now been put on the market by United Utilities. im unsure if this has yet been sold It was originally built in 1912 to filter the water from Kinder Reservoir before it was piped...
  18. BikinGlynn

    Great Britain Weeturbex - May 22

    Did u see what I did there ↑↑↑↑ did ya, did ya hey? Ok I wont give up the day job. Had this place on the radar for at least 6 month but for some reason never got my ass in gear to do it, turns out Im at least 6 months late! Place is trashed & empty of any large items but still quite a few...
  19. BikinGlynn

    Great Britain Dewsbury Union Office - Feb 21

    Dewsbury Union Office As prev reports I cant find a thing about this place other than it was last used as a register office. Planning to be used as a Hostel was refused in 2018. Not a huge amount in here other than some lovely ceilings & stairs! Thats the...
  20. BikinGlynn

    France Mosaigue Therme (Nov. 2021)

    Holy fkballs thats some tile porn there! beautiful place