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  1. MrT

    Down Street Station, Piccadilly line, London - 2015

    Ive been on the charing LTM tour, its so rushed. Nearly cried paying £35 for that. But they are on to a winner, all tickets what ever the price sell out quick. They have relaxed the "professional looking" equipment rule, take what you like now. Still no tripods though.
  2. MrT

    Down Street Station, Piccadilly line, London - 2015

    I had a chance of a ticketed tour here, £85 LTM said. Ill take the house being turned over for free option thanks, whos coming? Nice photos though dude, i do love the underground  :thumb
  3. MrT

    Old Nic Theatre Gainsborough March 2016

    Had chance to visit this place with permission so living down the road i thought it was worth popping in. The Old Nick was the original police station in Gainsborough. It is an Italianate-style Grade II building at the junction of Spring Gardens and Cross Street - just above the vehicular access...
  4. MrT

    Nettleton Iron Mine December 2015

    Its a bit odd there is no internal photos as such. Few other small vents/tunnels i didnt find that day.  It looked freshly smashed through, not been back since, maybe well sealed again. If you in area give us a shout, make sure you bring a spade, lump hammer, chisel and a JCB  :wink:
  5. MrT

    Nettleton Iron Mine December 2015

    Christmas day, get me out of here! So off i went to take the dog for a walk, that was my excuse! Meaning to check this area for a while, i grabbed the dog, wellies, waterproofs, a bit of kit and off i went into the rainy, windy Lincolnshire wolds.  The landscape of the Lincolnshire Wolds has...
  6. MrT

    Edlington / Conisbrough Tunnel

    Nice, looks a bit tight ;)
  7. MrT

    Permission, Aldwych Tube Station, London, February 2016

    Thanks Guys, worth a nosey. No live tracks or BTP in sight either :wink:
  8. MrT

    Permission, Aldwych Tube Station, London, February 2016

    Thanks, I like the then and now idea. I lowered the image size down 1 notch than id normally use, ill put it up again .
  9. MrT

    Permission, Aldwych Tube Station, London, February 2016

    Managed to bag some tickets for London's disused station, Aldwych. Not been south for a while, so got a nice early train down and had a good walk round for the day. Construction started on 21 October 1905 with demolition of the Royal Strand Theatre which occupied the site, it opened as Strand...
  10. MrT

    Air Raid shelter

    My kind of place. Loving that old rusty Honda frame/wheel. 
  11. MrT

    Permission Visit - Aldwych Tube Station Feb 16

    Nice set, what camera did you use? No dslr's or tripods allowed down there! I've got tickets for next week and Charing in march :smile:
  12. MrT

    Great Britain WESTLETON. Suffolk. January 2016

    What Mr Hamtagger said. Nice example this one, got some good little bits. 
  13. MrT

    Kingsway Tram Tunnel, London - January 2016

    Love them old street signs and movie posters, that's what its all about :-D
  14. MrT

    Great Britain ming farm 2015 sometime

    Sure they didn't pop out to get there pension ;)
  15. MrT

    Great Britain dumper truck house jan 2016

    Like this place, great story here. Nice find :-D
  16. MrT

    2015 explore clips using Gopro studio

    I struggle to get a consistent quality/setting. Through the year you/I change settings for the conditions, so the end product is not in one constant quality. Been playing with some clips from 2015 and Gopro studio but with no real joy. Still worth wasting 2 minutes of your life I think! All...
  17. MrT

    Great Britain Rhiwbach slate mine Wales January 2016

    love these welsh mines, cool pics man.
  18. MrT

    Great Britain The Post Office Railway (Mail Rail) - London - 2015

    Bend me over and do me dry, id give my left nut to get here. Top job lads.
  19. MrT

    Great Britain Penny Rigg Copper Mill and Adits - Tilberthwaite - October 2015

    I like this type of stuff, very interesting. cheers for posting :smile:
  20. MrT

    Clipstone colliery, Clipstone, December 2015

    A personal favourite of myn. Had two visits here, one with no camera and another quick visit, due to pikeys being in here stripping it and one following me around, i valued my camera gear and my life so i left with only a handful of snapshots. Now well secured, with intercom warning if you get...