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  1. teddybear

    Belgium shattering glass 04/2022

    An old glass making factory that closed some years ago. Many types of glass was made there.It looked if the place is in process of dismantling.But still a nice place to wander around without anyone else (not even security :) ). Nice to see some of the old glass archives. I was rather late there...
  2. teddybear

    Belgium skywatch 03/2022

    An old military Medium power radar used for tracking air planes. As an technician it was for sure nice to explore this one.This radar has become a real hot spot here in Belgium but it's difficult to take pictures when there are more people in the dome. Luckily we were just with 2 there so we had...
  3. teddybear

    Belgium lost loc 03/2022

    An old RUSTON (and there is some rust on it :) from the 50's was hidden for 30 years in the bushes.. It was used for transporting carts from and to a factory to the train track.. It is still in a reasonable good shape.. Still nice to see on a sunny Sunday afternoon. back on track...
  4. teddybear

    Belgium church of the larks 03/2022

    An old church in the middle of nowhere. The church is from the beginning of the 20 century but has been abandoned for some years now.there were once some plans to convert it to some lofts. When inside ,the sun was working hard and gave some yellow glow inside..The ladder to the bell tower were a...
  5. teddybear

    Belgium Skytech 03/2022

    Two of the biggest Russians helicopters.There were 3,but one is already transported. They are located on an active site so I had to be carefull. Some forklifts were seen driving. But still very impressive helicopters .A 1 brother in arms IMG_0043-Edit-Edit by Bart Hamradio, on Flickr 2 take...
  6. teddybear

    Belgium Farm T 01/2022

    A small ,long time abandoned farm in Belgium. Nature is camouflaging the outside of this farm. There was no in house bathroom and the outside one was collapsed.. Cooking was done on a flat tube stove, also called a "Leuvense stoof" Later a "modern" one was used. Still nice for a Sunday...
  7. teddybear

    Germany robot factory 01/2020

    An older series from a nice location.We were just driving between locations and choose to not use the highway. We came accros an abandoned factory so we checked it out. It was mostly empty,except some very old robots. Later we found out that this one had already had an urbex name. Here I almost...
  8. teddybear

    Belgium the rectory aug 2021

    An old rectory from the 18 Th century, abandoned for almost 20 years. In front of this building is a public recreational space so good timing to enter the property unseen is crucial. Inside it is quite empty except from some religious items left there. But almost no vandalism or graffiti.. 1...
  9. teddybear

    Belgium Pinokkio XL 05/2021

    A disused Lime factory,somewhere in Belgium. Did not have much info on it concerning best POE and security so maybe I didn't cover everything.Shots were made handheld (no tripod) Also I was alone during this trip so needed to be a bit more careful :-) . There is ,o graffiti yet ans a few signs...
  10. teddybear

    Belgium lost jets 04/2021

    Long time that I posted something so let's start with something small. These are 2 fighterjets from the early 60's that are "preserved" on an site. Wings are dismounted . Cockpit is totally empty and no engine. Still nice to make a few photo's of those. 1 fx100 IMG_8875-Edit by Bart Hamradio...
  11. teddybear

    Germany power plant AEG 09/2020

    A former power plant i, Germany with generators from AEG ,hence the name :-) . But there is also a much older generator there dating from the early years..The plant gave power to a nearby factory,but when that closed,it gave power to the nearby city, but this also ended some years ago. So...
  12. teddybear

    Germany zeche AV 09/2020

    Again one that have been collecting dust on my computer. One of the many closes "zeches" in Germany.Not the biggest one but still a lot of men were employed there (looking at the numers on the old lockers).The little cloth baskets were gone but still a nice place to wander arround. It took some...
  13. teddybear

    Belgium Hospital R 12/2020

    Long time since I posted something. Did explore this year but did not find the time or for editing the photo's. This one I did alone and did not see anyone else so totally corona proof urbex :) . This hospital is bound to be demolished in the future. A lot of the equipment will have a second...
  14. teddybear

    France Piscine Athenica 05/2019

    A house with a rather original designed swimming pool. Don't think it was a business. It was a warm day and it was quite damp and a lot of algae started to develop and the water level was dropped. The rest of the building was quite a mess with a lot of stuff stocked . 1 IMG_4781-HDR-Edit-Edit...
  15. teddybear

    Belgium Maison Annabelle 08/2020

    A nice big house that remembered me to the house of my grandparents. High ceilings, lead glass,the furniture..... But things seems to be stolen and moved here (no surprise). A bench that was in the hallway is now in the garden for some reason. But still not to much vandalism or graffiti.. 1...
  16. teddybear

    Germany Ballroom elegance 07/2019

    One of the many ballrooms in Germany and this one is also in disuse for many years. It took some effort to gain acces and not to be seen. 1 IMG_5386-HDR-Edit-Edit by Bart Hamradio, on Flickr 2 IMG_5440-Edit by Bart Hamradio, on Flickr 3 IMG_5447-Edit by Bart Hamradio, on Flickr 4...
  17. teddybear

    France Therme mosaique 04/2019

    One of the many thermes in France. This one took some effort to get in. We had no info about a possible entry point so we had to try several possibilities and hoped not to get seen. We first trigged an alarm when going through the building so we went out and waited what happened. But nothing...
  18. teddybear

    Germany Black hole beast 07/2020

    Long time since I posted something. This was from our latest explore.This is part of a big Cole mine.Parts are in process of demolishing and other parts are in (re)use. Luckily we didn't saw any security (and they didn't saw us. A nice start of the day. 1 IMG_7510-HDR-Edit by Bart Hamradio, on...
  19. teddybear

    Germany lord of the rings 03/2020

    It's been a long time since I've posted something here.But this is one of my last explores, just before the borders were closed. Luckly at such places you don't meet anyone, and if you meet anyone there is enough space to keep a social distance. But this place is the last original part of a...
  20. teddybear

    Belgium Maison Kettle 09/2018

    very small farmers home with only a few rooms. Light was terrible there . 1 IMG_3156-Edit by Bart Hamradio, on Flickr 2 IMG_3152 by Bart Hamradio, on Flickr 3 IMG_3143-Edit by Bart Hamradio, on Flickr 4 IMG_3148 by Bart Hamradio, on Flickr