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  1. Ferox

    Great Britain Hainford Hall, Norfolk. November 2021

    Had a look in here while we were down in Norfolk late last year. I lovely old place that must have been really nice when in use. As mentioned in other repots the house was requestioned during WW2 and it is thought the army used the rooms as offices. It has been abandoned this 1948. The structure...
  2. Ferox

    Great Britain Heanor Grammar School, Derbyshire. October 2021

    I'd fancied this one since seeing the reports from here back in 2019. We had a look late 2020 with no luck, but thankfully cracked it this time. I'm sure we have all experienced places that just don't feel right well, this was one of those for me. I was not conformable from the start...
  3. Ferox

    Great Britain Hermitage Mill, Mansfield. May 2019

    Thought I'd put some pics up from a visit here in 2019 after I just heard it burned down yesterday. Nipped in here while in the area. Pretty stripped and empty to be honest but, still a few bits of interest. The top floor was the the most photogenic part I thought, with some nice old wooden...
  4. Ferox

    Great Britain Clayton Lodge, Newcastle-under-Lyme. May 2021

    I was reminded of this place by a post I recently seen regarding it. It has been pretty much destroyed now by the sounds of it. Not surprising really. It was gong that way when we visited in May last year. There had already been a fire which had ruined a part of the building. I enjoyed having a...
  5. Ferox

    Great Britain St John’s Hospital, Bracebridge Heath. March 2019

    We had a look at this spot in the latter half of 2016 with no luck unfortunately. This time round we thankfully got in. Been on the list for a while so was really happy to see it. Very stripped out in here by this visit but with enough left behind to make it interesting and photogenic. I liked...
  6. Ferox

    Great Britain Easington Colliery Girls School. May 2019

    I had wanted to see this school for quite a while. On one of our 2019 Scotland trips we planned it to take a scenic route and enter Scotland via the bridge at Coldstream, checking out some locations on the way. This was the frist one we stopped at. Now onto the girls side (south block). More of...
  7. Ferox

    Great Britain Easington Colliery Boys School. May 2019

    I had wanted to see this school for quite a while. On one of our 2019 Scotland trips we planned it to take a scenic route and enter Scotland via the bridge at Coldstream, checking out some locations on the way. This was the first one we stopped at. I'll start with the boys side (north block)...
  8. Ferox

    Great Britain Price's National Teapots, Stoke on Trent. September 2019

    I never became aware of this place until the latter half of 2019. From the pics I was seeing it appeared worth a look. Quite a bit still to see I thought with some cool decay and nature egress in parts. Certainly enough small things left about to give you an idea of its past product. It all...
  9. Ferox

    Great Britain Ridge Lee Hospital, Lancaster. May 2021

    One that got a bit of hammer last year. I really enjoyed this visit and we spent a good couple of hours looking round. It was in quite a state by this point with a of vandalism and graffiti. We went back in October and it was even worst. That said I thought the decay in here was awesome. Loads...
  10. Ferox

    Great Britain Wright & Jobson, Bristol Mill, Galashiels. July 2021

    We have stopped at this place a few times on various Scotland trips recently and its always been sealed. Anyway after a early fail elsewhere we stopped by here again. To our delight this time it was open. Some decent bits of decay and some things left to look at. Like mentioned on other reports...
  11. Ferox

    Great Britain Old Vicarage Care Home, Pandy Tudur, North Wales. June 2021

    I have not posted any reports for bloody ages. Still been getting out just not posted any pics. Anyway, here is one form last summer. Thanks to MotionlessMike for putting this one on my radar with his great report on the place. Scarce history unfortunately. Apparently it's been a vicarage, hotel...
  12. Ferox

    Great Britain Crown Theatre, Eccles. April 2018

    Had a look in here earlier in the year after an fail near by. A grand example of dereliction on the outside and a crumbing mess on the inside. Nice little wander as it turned out. There is enough features and bits still knocking about to make it interesting and I enjoyed having a look around and...
  13. Ferox


    Not a bad little mooch this one. Quite a lot of area to cover with most of it being stripped unfortunately but, there is still stuff to see and some nice decay in parts. It seems the building was used to make carpet underlay form 2002 until 2013. I guess its been abandoned since then. Visited...
  14. Ferox

    Great Britain Thompsons Board Mill, Cumbria - May 2018

    I first had a look at this spot in 2015. Almost three years on the place has been knocked about a bit and it seemed stripped somehow from the last visit. Did not spend that long in here. As I parked up an old lady drove passed paying more attention to the my car than I liked, so I blasted round...
  15. Ferox

    Thornton Fever Hospital, Fife - May 2018

    Had a look at this place on a recent trip to Scotland. Very decayed and stripped this one but never the less still a nice spot for a look around. There was some lovely tiles still in place in parts of the hospital which I liked. I do like a bit of old tile work  :) There was a lot of kids toys...
  16. Ferox

    Fisons Fertilisers, Ipswich. March 2017

    Another one from early last year. A nice mix on the same site this one with the awesome old wooden part next to a burned out, vandalised, graffiti strewn new part. It brought into sharp contrast the difference between a interesting and unique explore with loads to see and photograph and a...
  17. Ferox

    Attercliffe Tram Sheds. February 2017

    Nipped in here after G.B's last February. Not much to see building wise but there is some nice graffiti knocking about. I have seen some more recent reports and the graffiti has changed in parts now. Some for the better some not. Visited with non member Paul. HISTORY Sheffield Tramway was an...
  18. Ferox

    George Barnsley and Sons, Sheffield. February 2017

    One from earlier in the year. This had been on the list for a while and I was really happy to finally see the place. There was some graff and vandalism in evidence when we went, I believe it's even worst now. Visited with non member Paul. HISTORY George Barnsley & Sons Ltd was founded in...
  19. Ferox

    Hatfield Heath POW Camp. March 2017

    Had a look at this place while in the area back in March. The cars where the main attraction for me and they did not disappoint. Excellent examples of cars left to rust and rot until they finally fall in on themselves. The rest of the site consists of stripped huts with some being more...
  20. Ferox

    Our Lady’s Hospital, Ennis. Ireland. August 2017

    Quite a big place this one with some great decay throughout. Spent a good few hours round here enjoying a relaxed explore. Some parts of the building are worse than others .There has also been some vandalism and shit graff left behind. Not enough to spoil the over all feel of the place though...