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  1. AndyK!

    Belgium SM Steelworks Belgium 2021/2022

    Looks like they have been busy in there! Still looks good though, cracking pictures
  2. AndyK!

    USA Willow Glen Power Station - 2020

    Wow, this is fantastic! Nice scouting work too, always worth being patient at these kind of places
  3. AndyK!

    Germany Internationale Film-Union GmbH aka Panacolor [2009]

    Wow this place was amazing, such a shame it's all gone
  4. AndyK!

    Germany Coal mine L. (March 2021)

    Love the cage room here, cracking report
  5. AndyK!

    Great Britain "Blue House" North Wales 03/21

    Nice find there, and well captured. Can you just edit your post to include the date of the visit in the title (just month and year) cheers
  6. AndyK!

    Belgium Blue Christ Church - Jan, 2021

    Really nice decay going on in there, looks great
  7. AndyK!

    Hong Kong Shaw Brothers film studios, Hong Kong, July 2019

    Some lovely relics left in there
  8. AndyK!

    Germany Stadtbad S - Aug, 2020

    What a fantastic swimming pool! Nice work
  9. AndyK!

    Thailand Chiang Mai Women's Correctional Institution, Thailand, August 2019

    Very nice of the tuk-tuk driver, I wish all locals were like that! Really nice explore here
  10. AndyK!

    Germany Winter quarters (Feb. 2021)

    That's pretty cool, nice little find
  11. AndyK!

    Great Britain RAF Coltishall Pool - sept 19

    Pretty nice looking pool there
  12. AndyK!

    Hello From Minnesota, USA

    Hello Jeff, welcome to OS. Looking forward to seeing some reports. We have a few members from the USA but not a great deal, so we always love seeing what you guys have found over there
  13. AndyK!

    Other Flour Mill, Katerini, Greece - November 2020

    Some bloody nice mill machines there
  14. AndyK!

    Germany Cinema (Nov. 2020)

    This is cool, nice to see he projectors are still there too
  15. AndyK!

    France Puits Simon, Forbach - 2019/2020

    This one is so lovely. Really like that control room with the plants growing
  16. AndyK!

    Belgium Gustave Böel power plant/blower house, La Louviere - August 2020 (Demolished december 2020)

    Ah I didn't know this had been demolished. It was a bit of a deathtrap so I'm not surprised, but sad to hear a nice bit of old industry has gone. Cracking first report on here anyway, welcome to OS
  17. AndyK!

    Great Britain Bartholomews Mortuary - Aug 19

    Wow, never seen a mortuary exterior like that before
  18. AndyK!

    Great Britain Murray Royal Asylum - Sep 2019

    Lovely report here, nice job