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  1. Paradox


    I've always called this the Hansel and Gretal House, ever since I first saw pictures of it years ago and had no idea what it was really called or where it was. This year I was absolutely made up to discover our Euroderp tour would finally give me a chance to check out this lovely little place in...
  2. Paradox

    Italy Oculus Tower - Italy - July 2019

    Oculus Tower - Italy 2019 Another adventure from the Euro 19 Derp Tour. We'd had this one on the map for a while and this year we decided to go and check it out. Not knowing if it was even still standing, we were pretty pleased to find it was :). Mel and I went in search of entry whilst Adam...
  3. Paradox

    Italy Green Hospital - Italy - July 2019

    Green Hospital - Italy - July 2019 Day nine and we mooched around having a lazy day, waiting for washing machines to finish and tumble dryers to dry. It was mid-afternoon before we headed out derping. I've had this pin for a few years so it was good to finally get around to going to see it...
  4. Paradox

    Italy Fabbrica tessile - Italy - July 2019

    We had actually been on the way somewhere else when a message pinged from The Raw (massive thanks for the tip-off). Now when he gave the heads up about this place we simply couldn't turn down the opportunity. Luck was definitely on our side as it turned out we were 20 minutes away and it was...
  5. Paradox


    Manicomio Di Vercelli - Italy - July 2019 Heading over to explore, we knew there was a building that was in use, so using our epic ninja skills we stealthed our way past unnoticed, before jungleering our way through the undergrowth to the first building. As those of you who have already...
  6. Paradox

    Italy La Bertagnetta of Vercelli (Ospedale Pneumologia) - Italy - July 2019

    Continuing on our Derptastic Italy Tour, we'd spent a day dicking about by a lake before heading over to The Old Ospedale Degli Ingermi. After spending quite a few hours there too we decided to find somewhere to camp for the night and headed over to La Bertagnetta di Vercelli. If you believe...
  7. Paradox

    Italy Ospedale Degli Ingermi - Italy - July 2019

    Visited as part of the Italian Derp Tour 2019. I didn't even know the name for this place when we visited and it has taken several hours of research to identify it and then find some history. I have to say it was a cracking place and a huge thanks to our travelling companion Mel for adding...
  8. Paradox

    Italy Villa Rosa AKA Palazzo L - Italy - July 2019

    Another nice little Bimble. We turned up and drove slowly past to check out if we were at the right location and boom, yes there it was. Pulling over we realised we had inadvertently parked right outside the security hut of the nearest business, deciding that maybe that wasn't the best choice of...
  9. Paradox

    France Forbidden Road - France - July 2019

    Ok, so I wasn't going to do a report on this as its a little reminiscent of an "Abandoned Orchard" urbex report on a forum that garnered much scorn. However, it is so beautiful and quiet and overgrown and abandoned. There is a slight sense of fear and awe as you walk along the high...
  10. Paradox

    Great Britain Haile Sand Fort - Humber Estuary - September 2018

    The Sieging of the Forts - Part One - Haile Sand Fort - September 2018 I'd like to say that I'm never quite sure how I end up on such crazy escapades, but the truth is I'm married to Bigjobs, so crazy escapades suddenly being sprung on me shouldn't come as any surprise. This little adventure...
  11. Paradox

    Great Britain Brock/Leyland Mill - Wigan - June 2019

    Hey, hi, it's me again. Your fave instatubegrammer today I'm bringing you my newest report under my latest pseudonym  - "Exploring with Unicorns and Robot Dinosaurs". Don't worry I'm almost out of new reports now so will probably bugger off again for a while till I do something else :)  (I have...
  12. Paradox

    Great Britain Wigan/Mesnes Park Air Raid Shelter - Wigan - June 2019

    The Great Wiganese Derp Hunt I'm on a roll, I've been out derp hunting again with Jaynelouise and Bigjobs. This time we decided we were going local and we're hitting up the super derps in Wigan ;) I know, I know EVERYWHERE in Wigan has been done many many times because let's be fair there...
  13. Paradox

    France Sanitarium Delirium - France - October 2018

    Sanatorium Delirium So I've been so busy getting my dumbex youtube channel, FB page and Insta up to like 20 billion views, likes, shares and subscribers I haven't had time to post anything here. Ok we all know that is bullshit, I have one video of dolphins on my youtube with 0 likes and deffo...
  14. Paradox

    Great Britain Waterloo and Victoria Tunnels - Liverpool - March 2019

    Waterloo and Victoria Tunnels - Liverpool - March 2019 2 reports in relatively quick succession, its almost like I've actually been out doing stuff ;) Sunday was let's go do stuff day! We hadn't been out for a while and @bigjobs and I had arranged to meet up with @jaynelouise to check out a...
  15. Paradox

    Great Britain Revolver - (Hotel California) - Birkenhead - March 2019

    A week before we went here, me and Bigjobs had been out exploring with jaynelouise and had been to the Waterloo Victoria Tunnels. However, the tunnels had never been our intended target but we'd failed at our first location (Damn you VPS security monitoring systems and sensors grrrr!). Our other...
  16. Paradox

    Animal Testing Center - Italy - June 2017

    Following on from our escapades here is another report from The Derpy Rotten Scoundrels Euroderp Tour earlier this year. Having spent the previous day dicking about by Lake Como, swimming in the lake, the lads got their broga on, whilst Disco Kitten put everyone to shame with her epic yoga...
  17. Paradox

    Drake Island - Plymouth - May 2017

    Our original plan was to spend Christmas here but weather forecasts were dire and we didn't want to die a watery death so we binned the idea off and went to Wales instead! Planning our summer road trip and this place cropped up again and it was game on! We'd do the island before heading off to...
  18. Paradox

    France HBCM UE Tarn Cokeworks - France - September 2017

    So this was more of a cheeky little explore than anything planned in advance. A few of us were in the South of France for the Urban Explorer Wedding of the Year, an event that was most definitely epic and involved many many drunken selfies of at least half a dozen drunken explorers (including...
  19. Paradox

    Crank Caverns - Crank - November 2017

    Crank Caverns have been on my radar for a while, with its mythical history of child eating dwarves, oddly shaped body bags, cannibalism and a hidden chapel who wouldn't want to go and take a look?   With a history like that, we decided to brave the night and risk life and limb to go in search...
  20. Paradox

    Belgium Hasard Cheratte Coal Factory April 2017

    Visited with Bigjobs and AndyJ I'd never heard of this place but on a recent trip to Belgium for non-explory stuff, AndyJUK happened to mention a coal factory just near to where we were going and showed me some pics, ohhhh it was so pretty and yes, of course, I wanted to go and play out there...