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  1. Urban Relics

    Luxembourg Powerplant X (05/2021)

    It's been a while since my last post to this forum. I hope you are all doing well and that the covid madness didn't cause you any permanent damage... I wanted to share with you these photos of a beautiful abandoned power plant. we managed to squeeze in this visit a little over a year ago...
  2. Urban Relics

    Luxembourg Usine Escargot (05/2021)

    Well, parts of it... We were able to do the boiler room and this pump house. We have to go back for the turbine hall.
  3. Urban Relics

    Luxembourg Usine Escargot (05/2021)

    I really do love places like this... When we made our way on to this still active steelworks, this part of the factory wasn't even our main goal. We kinda stumbled upon it by accident. My by oil and rust driven heart immediately made a small leap of joy. This pump house was built in 1899 to...
  4. Urban Relics

    Belgium Green Power (05/2021)

    Haha, tell me about it! In the beginning I got excited about anything and everything! An iffy looking shed was enough to get the juices flowing 😝 After a while though I started developing an outspoken preference for industrial stuff. Not a big fan of private houses, but I do like abandoned...
  5. Urban Relics

    Belgium Green Power (05/2021)

    Thanks! ☺️
  6. Urban Relics

    Belgium Green Power (05/2021)

    Thanks for the kind words! :) I don't use anything fancy. A Canon 70D EOS with a 10-18mm wide angle lens and sometimes a 50mm for detail shots... I've been contemplating an upgrade to a full frame camera, but that would mean a big investment. And I'm not sure I would feel comfortable with such...
  7. Urban Relics

    Belgium Green Power (05/2021)

    Oh damn... I think I was just very lucky. But I did get there really early. I was inside before sunrise. Maybe that made the difference...
  8. Urban Relics

    Belgium Green Power (05/2021)

    Thanks! :) They really are gorgeous, aren't they? The other turbines were impressive too, but those Brown Boveris were really something else... You don't often get to see them in this impeccable state either. Apart from one idiot, who apparently felt the need to scratch his name into the blue...
  9. Urban Relics

    Belgium Green Power (05/2021)

    Now this was an exciting explore! Only recently put to rest, the electricity in this biomass power plant was stil working. Lights burning everywhere and the constant buzz of generators throughout the entire plant. I was totally expecting to get caught here and I came prepared. I had a spare...
  10. Urban Relics

    Belgium Sanatorium du Basil, Belgium, April 2018

    It was a beautiful building and the area is simply stunning. So painful to see what those vandals, taggers and other spray can idiots did to this place. Would it be too mean to secretly hope they all end up with led poisoning?
  11. Urban Relics

    France Forge Lunaire (10/2020)

    Precisely. Also, I almost exclusively do urban exploring and mainly industry. Nothing but dust and dirt. I'd feel worried about my equipment all the time...
  12. Urban Relics

    France Forge Lunaire (10/2020)

    Nothing spectacular really. An old Canon 70D with a cheap 10-18 lens... Contemplating switching to full frame, but it turns out to be something of an investment... :)
  13. Urban Relics

    Forge Lunaire (10/2020)

    This gigantic abandoned steelwork in France had been on my to do list for many years. While doing research I came across several stories that talked about the very active security on the site. I'm always a bit reluctant when there's active security...
  14. Urban Relics

    France Forge Lunaire (10/2020)

    This gigantic abandoned steelwork in France had been on my to do list for many years. While doing research I came across several stories that talked about the very active security on the site. I'm always a bit reluctant when there's active security involved. Especially in France... French...
  15. Urban Relics

    Germany Peppermint Powerplant (September 2020)

    Same road trip, different powerplant. A beautiful one at that! Contrary to the previous one (Cyklonkessel Kraftwerk), this one showed virtually no signs of vandalism. Quite weird in a way, because the buildng is quite easily accessible... Perhaps it is because part of the grounds and buildings...
  16. Urban Relics

    Germany Cyklonkessel Kraftwerk (September 2020)

    A couple of weeks ago we went on a little road trip through the Alsace area in France and the northern region of the Black forest in Germany. This old powerplant was one of the stops. I must admit that I was somewhat disappointed at first when I saw the amount of vandalism this poor old...
  17. Urban Relics

    Belgium Lost Frequencies (02/2020)

    My preference usually goes to industrial sites with a lot of rust and decay. This one has none of that. Nevertheless I was very glad to get a chance to see this. I was invited to have a look around by a friend who used to work here. For a short amount of time the place could be visited 'the...
  18. Urban Relics

    Belgium Orient Express (March 2016)

    Not entirely sure where this fits best... Not a public building, but public transportation. Feels like this is the right spot to post this. I photographed this abandoned first class train compartment almost four years ago. At the time I was just starting out with photography. You might see some...
  19. Urban Relics

    Belgium Old Blue (11/2019)

    I did. Briefly. Nothing of interest there. At least not to me. But like I said: not a big fan of abandoned houses... ;)
  20. Urban Relics

    Belgium Old Blue (11/2019)

    I am usually not a big fan of exploring abandoned houses, but every once in a while there is something really cool to be found in the barn. In this case we found this beautiful little old timer. A Citroën B14 F Torpedo, produced by Citroën in the late 1920′s. Why is it here? Where is its owner...