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  1. BikinGlynn

    Other Filling Station (May 2022)

    If a abandoned petrol station can be pretty Id say this is it!
  2. BikinGlynn

    Great Britain Robert Bruce Middle School, Bedford - May/July 2022

    its unbelievably easy now, was like a holiday camp with people coming & going when I went
  3. BikinGlynn

    Germany Kraftwerk Grün - July 2022

    Almost too clean but still nice. what are they doing with it?
  4. BikinGlynn

    Great Britain Laird Engineering - Dec 21

    Probably not as exciting as the title suggests as we only did one hanger here due to the other buildings being used, but having read the history I think a return one day is in order. What we appeared to be in was a typical aircraft hanger but was puzzling as there was clearly no flat ground for...
  5. BikinGlynn

    Great Britain Robert Bruce Middle School, Bedford - May/July 2022

    Nicely photographed, wish Id of got in sooner. This place is beyond fkd now, its crazy as the police were responding to people in there merely 3 month back!
  6. BikinGlynn

    Republic of Ireland MV Alta Cargo Ship - July 22

    really mmm havent seen anyone get in that for sometime.
  7. BikinGlynn

    Republic of Ireland MV Alta Cargo Ship - July 22

    Does look rather fun, Iv never done a good boat tbh
  8. BikinGlynn

    Germany grübe chn

    Man them first 2 pics are ace, has that "just walked out look"
  9. BikinGlynn

    Hungary Red Star Train Graveyard (Jul. 22)

    I soo want to go here. despite the fire & graff it still looks well worth the visit. very nicely covered!
  10. BikinGlynn

    Great Britain Thornton Fever Hosp - Sept 21

    It is cool aint it & genuinly the sort of place u could just go for a picnic!
  11. BikinGlynn

    Great Britain Woodhouse Weslyan Chapel- Aug 21

    Trinity Methodist Iv done a lot of churches / chapels, I mean seriously 50+ but still haven't got "that shot" u know everything symmetrical, so here's my best shot :rofl Anyway just flicking through folders & this is one that's been covered a fair but but I haven't posted so here's my...
  12. BikinGlynn

    Great Britain Thornton Fever Hosp - Sept 21

    Thornton Fever Hosp Thornton Fever Hospital opened in 1902 as a fever isolation hospital- treating illnesses such as scarlet fever, diphtheria and meningitis. The Fifeshire Typhoid epidemic in 1903 ensured that the hospital was full to capacity. Due to the building of the new hospital in...
  13. BikinGlynn

    Great Britain Shornmead Fort - May 20

    Shornmead Fort Shornemead Fort is a artillery fort that was built in the 1860s to guard the entrance to the Thames from seaborne attack. Constructed during a period of tension with France, it stands on the south bank of the river at a point where the Thames curves sharply north and west...
  14. BikinGlynn

    Great Britain Caerleon Campus - May 22

    Thats quite nice, I seem to remember someone trying this a few years back & not getting very far as it had live in secca.
  15. BikinGlynn

    Georgia Sanatorium Metalurgi (May 2022)

    Man that one is gorgeous! lack of graff makes it so much better & I love the tree in front of window shot lovely
  16. BikinGlynn

    Great Britain Crumlin Navigation Colliery - Sept 21

    no but looking at old reports there used to be a few there. as mentioned the damn things seem to be indestructible, Iv got a few myself lol & Iv found them in numerous derps.
  17. BikinGlynn

    Great Britain Mullard Obsevatory - 2018

    Mullard Observatory The Cavendish Laboratory pioneered the field of Radio astronomy under the direction of Professor Sir Martin Ryle, F.R.S. from 1945 to 1982. The first Observatory was on the outskirts of Cambridge. In 1957, through the generosity of Mullard Ltd. and with support from the...
  18. BikinGlynn

    Great Britain Crumlin Navigation Colliery - Sept 21

    Navigation Colliery Footnote The site is now in the hands of a preservation group (I didnt know this at time of visiting) & they are doing an excellent job of preserving / restoring & have big plans for a carbon neutral future...
  19. BikinGlynn

    Germany Cycle track - visited 06/2022

    Thats right up my street, great stuff!