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  1. glowtape

    Chateau du Directeur - July 2015

    Was bored today, checked my updated maps on what I could visit in a jiffy. Turned out this qualified. Checking older image sets of this place, it looked rather nice. Guess my surprise when I then entered the building. Holy crap, has this place been trashed. Imagery with things still somewhat in...
  2. glowtape

    German Facebook group(s) giving away info publicly

    I'm not sure how to feel about this. For one, starting out in urban exploration is a pain in the ass, since getting people to tell you about locations often requires something to show first, so getting info freely is a huge advantage. There's only so much you can find my research, the gems are...
  3. glowtape

    Chambre du Commerce - July 2015

    So yeah... This is it, my goddamn Moby Dick. It's been a few years I've known of the existence of this place. Research often ended nowhere, since there wasn't much accidental info in imagery giving it away, nor were people at the time open enough for divulging the location. At some point, people...
  4. glowtape

    Alla Italia, May 2015

    Yeah, it's still untouched. After finding out that the Chinese still can't decide whether to buy this property or not, I figured to take a second look at this. Turns out that people have been recently gone in and out, so I guess it was my turn. I took my chances, because I didn't have any...
  5. glowtape

    Bowling Mill (04/2015)

    Initially we headed out today to check the Chambre du Commerce, which however failed hilariously, because we weren't bold enough for an actual break-in attempt by prying a door open until its lock fails, so we looked out for alternatives on the way home. While I had the mill marked down...
  6. glowtape

    Lycee V

    Earlier today there was a shoot out between the cops and returnees from the Syria war in the street and the one next to where that school is located. Consider the police being on edge for the next few weeks or months. Same goes for the people living there. Seeing strangers packed like a mule...
  7. glowtape

    Zeche P -- November 2014

    Yesterday, I went to visit a friend. A while ago, he moved to the middle of North Rhine-Westphalia, specifically the known Ruhr area, because of a girl he met on the interwebs. While planning the ride, I was looking here and there on Google Earth if there's something to visit, just to find most...
  8. glowtape

    Mission to Mars -- November 2014

    I figured I had scoured my local area on Google Earth well enough, consider the surprise this turning out to be nearby and I didn't spot it. Too bad it's facing the north side and thus doesn't get much direct sunlight, might have resulted in nice shadows. Mission to Mars by cerealbawx, on...
  9. glowtape

    Blue Christ Church -- November 2014

    More like Bird Poop Church, because goddamn, the crap's everywhere. Both literally. Planned to go there tomorrow, because of a friend who didn't have time. But they reported sun today and rain tomorrow, so tough luck :upu3: (But we'll pass by it tomorrow again, anyway.) A bunch of pigeons...
  10. glowtape

    Theatre Jeusette -- October 2014

    Well-known location, however rather run down compared to older photo sets I remember. We didn't spend much time there, which annoys me even more, because as seen in the other thread, there's a glorious entrance that was missed. Anyway, here's the haul... Theatre Jeusette by cerealbawx, on...
  11. glowtape

    Kartonagenfabrik H and Nadelfabrik S -- October 2014

    This is an abandoned factory building of a cardboard company. The company's still alive, just moved into an industrial zoning and left this to rot for over a decade. There were plans to turn this into lofts, tear it down and god knows what. Obviously that went no where. No outside pictures...
  12. glowtape

    Fort de la Chartreuse, July 2013

    Was fine weather today, figured to visit it. At first I wasn't sure about going alone, considering it's more or less in the middle of Liege. Expected shady folks, but all I found were a bunch of other photographers, people walking their dogs, and a large bunch of wanna-be Jamaiquans filming a...
  13. glowtape

    Lavoir et Charbonage de Dolhain - June 2013

    After signing up, I fell with my nose on the info about that place. It was a stone throw away and had to check it out. Sadly, a bunch of kids were about, trashing stuff all over the place. I guess that's the fate of being in the middle of the town. Apparently to be converted into lofts pretty...
  14. glowtape


    Hi! I'm from Belgium and somewhat new to urban exploration, and while trying to find information, I came across this forum. Compared to other places, this one seems nice and pretty relaxed. I'm also hoping that this forum can show me that Belgium isn't as boring in terms of Urbex as I seem to...