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  1. Urbandoned

    Republic of Ireland St Ita's Asylum - July 22

    St Ita's Asylum The site selected for the facility, which extended 460 acres (1.9 km2), was the Portrane House estate, the former home of the Evans family. The facility was the subject of a design competition which was won by George Ashlin but his proposed price exceeded the budgeted cost and...
  2. Urbandoned

    Republic of Ireland MV Alta Cargo Ship - July 22

    MV Alta Cargo Ship Alta was constructed in 1976 as the Tananger, and has had several other names before becoming the Alta in 2017. By 2015, she was equipped with an Automatic Identification System (AIS) which allowed her movements to be tracked. She periodically switched the AIS on and off as...
  3. Urbandoned

    Great Britain Caerleon Campus - May 22

    Caerleon Campus The notorious front facade dates back to the beginning of the 1900s, when it was built as a college. More modern developments were added in the 80s, but these have recently been demolished, leaving the imposing main premises unscathed. It served as an education centre for...
  4. Urbandoned

    Great Britain Wheatsheaf Shopping Centre - June 22

    Wheatsheaf Shopping Centre The Wheatsheaf Shopping Centre was a purpose built shopping centre constructed in 1991, totalling approximately 15,130 sqm of accommodation, including a two storey library at it's peak, arranged over five levels. The centre was home to over 15 big name stores and...
  5. Urbandoned

    Italy Ghost Town - Jan 22

    Fossa Ghost Town This ghost town was the consequence of a severe earthquake that occurred on April 6, 2009, near the city of L’Aquila in the Abruzzi region of central Italy. The magnitude-6.3 tremor struck at 3:32AM, extensively damaging the 13th-century city of L’Aquila, located only about...
  6. Urbandoned

    Great Britain Glasgow School Board (Part 2) - Jan 2022

    Up to the highest point. The pool building was next door, our next target, originally believing it to be a chapel due to the spherical window. Soon enough, we found a suitable entry point. Sir John Maxwell School Located in Pollokshaws, this complex was constructed in...
  7. Urbandoned

    Great Britain Glasgow School Board (Part 2) - Jan 2022

    Glasgow School Board Here's the link to Part 1, back in 2020: As mentioned in the above report, I became quite obsessed with the Glasgow School Board and even though we had eased the desire a little bit two...
  8. Urbandoned

    Great Britain Lisnevin Training School/Borstal Prison - July 21

    Lisnevin Training School Recently sold for a mere £1.2 million, the site of the former HM Borstal is hug - covering 43 acres and with numerous buildings, including 27 homes and various outbuildings. The site, which was most recently owned by the Northern Ireland Prison Service (NIPS), was...
  9. Urbandoned

    Great Britain Brislington War Room - March 21

    Brislington War Room The Brislington War Room is located to the rear of a small government estate housing social security offices and the local driving test centre in Flowers Hill, Brislington, 2 miles south east of Bristol city centre. It is built to the standard two level design and...
  10. Urbandoned

    Republic of Ireland St Loman's Hospital - July 2021

    There was actually a few teeth moulds in there, so yes!
  11. Urbandoned

    St Loman's Hospital - July 2021

    St Loman's Hospital The main block of St Loman’s is a freestanding 41 bay, 3 storeyed hospital built on twenty-five acres of land purchased in 1848...
  12. Urbandoned

    Republic of Ireland St Loman's Hospital - July 2021

    Model of the labyrinth of the ear. Human skeleton on the opposing side. Some trophies. Eventually, after a few days, we were able to leave that room and continue looking around. Back into the admin section of the building. There were some ornate rooms here, but a lot were...
  13. Urbandoned

    Republic of Ireland St Loman's Hospital - July 2021

    St Loman's Hospital The main block of St Loman’s is a freestanding 41 bay, 3 storeyed hospital built on twenty-five acres of land purchased in 1848 for which eventually opened as the Mullingar District Lunatic Asylum in August 1855. It was extended 40 years later. The hospital is a...
  14. Urbandoned

    Great Britain Auchenheath House - April 21

    Auchenheath House Auchenheath was largely built for James Ferguson Esquire, tenant of the local coalfields, who occupied the house until at least 1875. A design perspective by Allan & Ferguson calls the building Auchenheath Cottage and shows it greatly extended to the West and rear in much...
  15. Urbandoned

    Great Britain King's Hall Methodist Church - Aug 2020

    King's Hall Methodist Church Located in Southall, Middlesex, in the west of Greater London. The King’s Hall was built in 1916 and was designed by architect Sir Alfred Gelder of Hull. The King’s Hall building has a 3-storey red brick and stone facade. It was operated by the Uxbridge and...
  16. Urbandoned

    Great Britain Sion Mills - July 2021

    Sion Mills Hardpans Mill was founded in 1835 and is a large complex of now listed buildings, the most prominent of which was built in 1853 by William Henry Lynn of Lanyon, Lynn and Lanyon, Belfast. This is a very large and handsome five-storey mill built in Italianate style of greyashlar...
  17. Urbandoned

    Republic of Ireland Gweedore Hotel - July 2021

    Gweedore Hotel The hotel was constructed in 1970 and later extended in 1989 and 1992. The entire is situated on coastal lands extending to 30 hectares. Internally the property provides 32 guest bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, reception, bar, restaurant, kitchen, office, conference and...
  18. Urbandoned

    Great Britain Showcase Cinema - Feb 2021

    Showcase Cinema Built on part of the former famous Belle Vue entertainment complex, the 14-screen Showcase Cinemas opened on 17th October 1989. It was closed on March 17, 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It was confirmed in October 2020 that the closure would be permanent. It was demolished...
  19. Urbandoned

    Republic of Ireland St Stanislaus College - July 2021

    St Stanislaus College Tullabeg House formerly known as St. Stanislaus Collage is situated in the area of Rahan and stands near an early Christian monastic site dating from the sixth century. Just a hundred and fifty years ago, the Jesuits settled at Rahan and formed a boarding school, the...