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  1. skeleton key

    Infiltration, Underground London.

    A few visits to various sections over the past few years and thought I may as well do something with the clips taken. ;) It might not link as showing error in linking and to try latter :P
  2. skeleton key

    France Ferme des Sports - November 2014

    I think too young when at my age lol cgeff  :P
  3. skeleton key

    Kingsway Telephone Exchange, London - Late 2013

    Unless anythings gone you can never say never ;)
  4. skeleton key

    USA Beachview Hospital Oct 2015

    Spot on location there mooks, with a nice level of decay and plenty of med equipment remaining. :thumb
  5. skeleton key

    A Couple of London Rooftops - September 2015

    You've nailed that Raz and setting are spot on :thumb
  6. skeleton key

    Kingsway Telephone Exchange, London - Late 2013

    Quality that and well captured. It did throw me a bit when I saw the title pop up but then clocked the date :) Great set and nice work :thumb
  7. skeleton key

    Butterley Tunnel, Cromford Canal (near Butterley) - October 2015

    Looks like great fun and makes me want to sort some locations out were I can dig the dinghy out :thumb
  8. skeleton key

    Dark Arches, Leeds - October 2015

    Good to see some more of the place and glad to hear you didn't end up going for a swim :D Cool write up and shots :beer:
  9. skeleton key

    Gold mining... - [visit .../2015]

    Looks a really interesting place and cool to see the tracks still in place and other bits that remain :thumb
  10. skeleton key

    Fosters Mill Devastating Fire

    Yep saw that pop up and never good :OMG:
  11. skeleton key

    Scout Mine - Oct 2015

    Good to see you getting your self down in your first mine as they are just so very different and can become so addictive lol. Cool share for sure :thumb
  12. skeleton key

    Day & Dusk on Chicago Rooftops

    Great to see a sky line a bit different and very impressive it is mate. Looks like the trip went very well :thumb
  13. skeleton key

    Crusty steal rust... - [revisit .../2015]

    Rusty steel is looking good to me :thumb
  14. skeleton key

    LEC Park International Hotel, Leicester - August 2015

    You worked that really well from the roof and good to see :thumb As for KM Punk on a curfew :P
  15. skeleton key

    France Ferme des Sports - November 2014

    A nice set there and an interesting location. I do find a bit odd why you would keep a temporary grave marker in the house? Only thirty years old :o Thanks for sharing :thumb
  16. skeleton key

    France Abandoned Pottery Factory - Sept 2015

    Welcome on the forum Eykens J. Photographyand great to see your images shared. :D Nice work on assisting hamtagger :thumb
  17. skeleton key

    U-Verlagerung "Saar" - [visit .../2015]

    You have certainly been hitting up those underground locations and they are always so good to see. :thumb
  18. skeleton key

    Lady Bower Reservoir, Derbyshire - Sept 15

    A great way to see the place with a dynamic entry :thumb
  19. skeleton key

    Ligne Maginot - Project A9 - [visit .../2015]

    Very nice indeed and good to see :thumb
  20. skeleton key

    U-Verlagerung W in F... - [visit .../2015]

    Looking good Miaro :thumb

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