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  1. DirtyJigsaw

    France La Eglise 06/2019

    Those colours :) stunning
  2. DirtyJigsaw

    Belgium Chateau - Dépêchez-vous...

    Very nice indeed, good 4 Photos you did capture though :)
  3. DirtyJigsaw

    Belgium High Voltage - April 2018/January 2019

    That's lovely, nice photos
  4. DirtyJigsaw

    Romania Mausoleul abandonat, RO (visited 08/2019)

    Shes a beaut! Nice photos
  5. DirtyJigsaw

    Italy Ospedale Degli Ingermi - Italy - July 2019

    haha, loving the first pic! #eerie. Nice photos :)
  6. DirtyJigsaw

    Italy Villa T, Italy - June 2019

    Those ceilings are stunning. Nice old Fiats parked up too
  7. DirtyJigsaw

    Italy Castello con Capella, Italy - June 2019

    Nice photos mate. Dont see a Nazi flag everyday now eh.
  8. DirtyJigsaw

    Austria Diesel Centrale - August 2018

    Impressive shots :)
  9. DirtyJigsaw

    Italy Villaggio Abbandonato, Italy - May 2019

    That's real nice, looks like a worthwhile trip :)
  10. DirtyJigsaw

    Hungary Budapest Townhouse - May 2019

    Wow, that's quite special. Nice
  11. DirtyJigsaw

    Great Britain Dover Magistrates Court March 2019

    Lovely stuff, not my words, the words of Shakin' Stevens ;)  
  12. DirtyJigsaw

    Great Britain Dewsbury Library (April 2019)

    Fantastic decay and great photos. Nice :)
  13. DirtyJigsaw

    Great Britain Whitchurch Hospital Jan 2019

    WOW, what a diiference! And The_Raw, no idea tbh what the plan is for it?
  14. DirtyJigsaw

    Hayward Gallery Rooftop June 2016

    Yeah, unique roof with the pyramids. Cheers 
  15. DirtyJigsaw

    Great Britain Whitchurch Hospital Jan 2019

    Yes! That mc da was needed wasn’t it! Cheers  Cheers Andy :)  
  16. DirtyJigsaw

    One Puddle Dock August 2016

    Yeah, for a "low" rooftop in london, the view was awesome :)  Cheers mate

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