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  1. WildBoyz

    AEI Air Raid Shelter, Northfleet - December 2017

    History W. T. Henley was a cable/wire company that was founded in a small London-based workshop in 1837. William Thomas Henley is famous for having converted his old lathe into a wiring covering machine which was used to cover wire with silk and cotton as this was in high demand at the time...
  2. WildBoyz

    Rotherham Road House, Barnsley - November 2017

    History As far as history goes for this particular property, it is sparse as it is nothing more than a fairly modern residential building. One newspaper based in Barnsley reported that traffic came to a standstill as a result of a fire at the property on Rotherham Road. Two fire crews attended...
  3. WildBoyz

    Waterloo/Victoria Tunnel, Liverpool - October 2017

    History The Waterloo Tunnel is a 779 metre (852 yards) long disused railway tunnel in Liverpool. It opened in 1849. At its Eastern end, the Waterloo Tunnel opens into a short cutting (approximately 63 metres long) which connects to the Victoria Tunnel which is 1.536 miles (2.474 kilometres)...
  4. WildBoyz

    International Social Club, Liverpool - October 2017

    History The local history for this one is a bit vague, so we’re going off a few dodgy sources here. One of those includes a local lad we met inside the building who happened to be ‘salvaging’ trophies. With that in mind, it is unknown when the International Social Club was constructed...
  5. WildBoyz

    Littlewoods Pools Building, Liverpool - September 2017

    History “We’re excited at the opportunity to restore the Littlewoods Building and give it an exciting new lease of life that will put it on a national stage and finally give it the recognition that it deserves” Tim Heatley of Capital & Centric.  The former art deco style Littlewoods Pools...
  6. WildBoyz

    Simpson Street School, Sunderland - September 2017

    History Simpson Street School is a Grade II listed building that was constructed by the local council between 1904 and 1905. It opened on 1st May 1905 and was, apparently, originally known as Deptford Terrace Council School, Junior Department, and later Deptford Terrace Junior Mixed School...
  7. WildBoyz

    Heap's Rice Mill (Joseph Heap & Sons Ltd.), Liverpool - September 2017

    History Heap’s Rice Mill, which is now Grade II listed, was founded by Joseph Heap. It was constructed in 1778, on Pownall Street, Liverpool. Originally, the site operated as a small processing mill; however, additional warehouse space was constructed as demand for rice in Europe increased...
  8. WildBoyz

    Farringdon Hall Police Station, Sunderland - August 2017

    History Farringdon Hall Police Station was built in the 1960s and, at one time, it was the main station serving Sunderland West. However, in 2014, following a move by Northumbria Police to cut costs and reinvest money in front-line policing, the station was one of many in the north...
  9. WildBoyz

    France Ouvrage Latiremont, France - August 2017

    Thanks mate. Latiremont was amazing, still can't believe how big the place is. Will have to check that out when we save up some more pennies! 
  10. WildBoyz

    Belgium Château D’ah, Belgium - August 2017

    No idea. It looked like a massive floor plan for a very large building - the type of thing you'd find in an old-school Tomb Raider game. 
  11. WildBoyz

    France Gros Ouvrage de Rochonvillers, Maginot Line (visited 05/2017)

    Beautiful set of shots. Your lighting is fantastic. 
  12. WildBoyz

    France Ouvrage Latiremont, France - August 2017

    History Ouvrage Latiremont is a gros ouvrage (large work) of the Maginot Line – a line of concrete fortifications, obstacles and weapon installations built by France in the 1930s to deter invasion by Germany. The site of Ouvrage Latiremont was selected and approved by the Commission...
  13. WildBoyz

    Belgium Château D’ah, Belgium - August 2017

    History Château D’ah was constructed at some point in the mid-nineteenth century. For many years, it was owned by an aristocratic family, before it became, for a short time at least, a small apostolic school (part of the Apostolic Church). The school closed shortly after the outbreak of World...
  14. WildBoyz

    Belgium Village of Doel, Belgium - August 2017

    Same. I think a lot of the really good stuff has been covered with those metal sheets. There were some bits, but I thought the graff you find in Sheff is a lot better. 
  15. WildBoyz

    France Chateau des Anges Perdus July 2017

    Not a bad report. A snap of the exterior would be nice to see as well though. 
  16. WildBoyz

    Belgium Village of Doel, Belgium - August 2017

    History The village of Doel is said to date back to 1267. It was originally known as ‘De Doolen’ (‘border water’) and up until the eighteenth century it was essentially an island surrounded by flooded plains. For many years, due to its unusual geographical location, it was unclear which...
  17. WildBoyz

    Belgium Château Du Loup, Belgium - August 2017

    History Castle Wolvenhof, also known by many as Château Du Loup, was designed by J. Vercoutere and constructed between 1912 and 1914 for the industrialist, Gaspard Vanden Bogaerde. It was one of two castles built in the area. With the outbreak of World War One, Bogaerde and his brother Émile...
  18. WildBoyz

    Wallaceville Veterinary Laboratory, Wellington - July 2017

    History The Wallaceville Animal Research Centre, located in Wellington, New Zealand, was a Government-owned veterinary and animal research centre. Following the establishment of the New Zealand Department of Agriculture in 1892, a new facility was commissioned to undertake research on...
  19. WildBoyz

    Lower Hutt Central Fire Station, Wellington - July 2017

    History Lower Hutt Central Fire Station is a Category I Historic Place located in a large suburban area of Wellington, New Zealand. It was constructed in 1955 using concrete, and its design, which is indicative of a post-war utopian vision, was heavily influenced by the American architect...
  20. WildBoyz

    Holcim Cement Works, Westport - July 2017

    History Holcim, originally named Aargauische Portlandcementfabrik Holderbank-Wildegg, is a Swiss-based building materials and aggregates company that was founded in 1912. The company expanded across Europe in the 1920s, then the Middle East and Americas between the 1930s and 50s. By the 1970s...