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  1. Gigi

    Great Britain Dawson Fabrics - May 21

    Wow 😍 what a fantastic set dude! Completely gone then? Wouldn't mind shooting this on film! 😍
  2. Gigi

    Great Britain Caerleon Campus - May 22

    haha what a blag. Nice one
  3. Gigi

    Luxembourg Powerplant X (05/2021)

    When shall we go, Chomping at the bit to go exploring
  4. Gigi

    Hungary Stock Exchange Palace (July 2022)

    Absolutely amazing! Love the shots well done
  5. Gigi

    Georgia Sanatorium Metalurgi (May 2022)

    Very nice! Would love to visit Georgia one day. Nice to see other shots of this place
  6. Gigi

    Great Britain 14 years of asylum-seeking

    Its a fantastic book and I recommend you all buy it!
  7. Gigi

    Luxembourg Powerplant X (05/2021)

    Amazing! Need to go! @ASOM ?!
  8. Gigi

    Great Britain 14 years of asylum-seeking

    Just brilliant mate! 😍
  9. Gigi

    Great Britain Dewsbury Union Office - Feb 21

    Really beautiful!
  10. Gigi

    France Bureau Central (April 2022)

    Lovely shots. It's such an atmospheric place! Wonder what it will look like after renovation.
  11. Gigi

    Great Britain Shandon House - Oct 21

    Those details! Absolutely gorgeous. Reminds me of Noisy
  12. Gigi

    Great Britain Auchenheath House - April 21

    You got in there in great time! Lovely
  13. Gigi

    Great Britain TG Green, Swadlincote, 2021

    Brilliant! Happened to me too, just couldn't find a way in! But was a little unnerving with all the vehicles around the site. It still logs beautiful and I need to (finally) pay a visit properly. Great shots!
  14. Gigi

    Great Britain Gisleham Brick & Pipe Works - Feb 2022

    Great kilns! Looks like some nice overgrown parts. Cute doggie too!
  15. Gigi

    Republic of Ireland St Loman's Hospital - July 2021

    Absolutely brilliant! 😍 Ireland is fantastic for exploring. This looks great
  16. Gigi

    Great Britain Wolsingham Train Depot - Dec 2020

    Great report! Quite a nice spot!
  17. Gigi

    Shallee Lead & Silver Mine, Ireland 01/2014

    very interesting! Great post!
  18. Gigi

    War Farm - January 2013

    Not much here, but the sofa and couch made up for it! 1 2 3 4
  19. Gigi

    Maison Boon - January 2013

    Heard many a story about this place, one of them being that my friends tyres got let down by a local angry farmer! Great place, not enough decay for me though. And the freezer made me want to vomit! ;) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
  20. Gigi

    Villa Hype - January 2013

    No Hype this one. Pretty dull but some nice bits in there. Mad staircase! 1 2 3 4 5 6