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  1. BrotherHoodUrbex

    Great Britain Levenot House - ‎August ‎2019

    Our Visit It’s been quite some time since we put our last report up as most places we have tried recently have been completely locked up. When we saw someone put this report up, we jumped on it straight away to make sure we didn’t miss out. It was originally sold £2,200,000 on 1st Sep 2010 but...
  2. BrotherHoodUrbex

    Great Britain North Wales Nursing Home (Maes Mynan Hall), Wales - August 2018

    History Maes Mynan care home was a two floor 33 bedroom care home on a site of 2.6 acres. The care home was for the elderly and it had its own day service and its own respite service for a short stay and emergency placements. The site was bought in 2013 by the healthcare company and has been...
  3. BrotherHoodUrbex

    Great Britain Octel Bromine Works, Anglesey - July 2018

    History This Octel site in Amlwch was chosen in 1949 to collect bromine from the sea, it was picked by H Fossett and R O Gibson because of the strong tidal flow, the depth of the sea in the area and gulf stream sea temperatures. The plant was built and finished construction in 1952, ready to...
  4. BrotherHoodUrbex

    Margaret Beaven School, Liverpool - October 2017

    History Margaret Beaven School is a grade II-listed building that was built in 1885 and was designed by Francis Doyle. The house was originally called Eddesbury, it was supposedly the last sustainable Victorian house that was built in West Derby. It was once occupied by Danson Cunningham a...