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  1. skeleton key

    Infiltration, Underground London.

    A few visits to various sections over the past few years and thought I may as well do something with the clips taken. ;) It might not link as showing error in linking and to try latter :P
  2. skeleton key

    A repeated Urbex twat rinced - 2015

    Yet again I received messages regarding this little morons latest posts on social media and couldn’t help myself. He’s not worth the steam off of anyone’s piss to be fair but had a spare five mins. :P Fuck you Adams :thumb
  3. skeleton key

    Forum meets and appeal.

    Mike has been key in providing audio and lighting equipment too many of the forum meets to ensure they are a success for all to enjoy. Within doing that there have been casualties so to speak to his equipment with knocks and general ware and tear. I’ve seen Mikes put a post on facebook...
  4. skeleton key

    Haslar equipment to be sold off

    Haslar has always been an interesting location to explore and one of the reasons has been the volume of equipment that has remained. Well Lara sent me a few bits of what is to come and that aspect will soon be gone Im afraid. Such is life and catch it whilst you can as always nothing lasts...
  5. skeleton key

    Just another night on the town pulling pigs. - Shared 2015

    Defo one for this section
  6. skeleton key

    Radford Mill Demolition Time Lapse Play
  7. skeleton key

    Another sad death

    The death of urban explorers is clearly on the increase world wide and gives great cause for concern. With its increase in popularity we have to exercise more caution out there. Woman Dies After Fall From Abandoned Grain Elevator The woman, who was exploring the building with a group of...
  8. skeleton key

    London underground permission visits.

    If any are interested I saw this pop up on my news feed. Organised by The London Transport Museum. Charing Cross That tour will take you through parts of Charing Cross that were closed in 1999 stretching underneath Trafalgar Square. The tunnels are now used largely for filming movies and TV...
  9. skeleton key

    £90.000 in Cash found In Derelict Building

    See the full story here. So what would you do in this situation? The moral compass is kicking in regarding balencing up the rights and wrongs of...
  10. skeleton key

    Convicted for Trespassing at Severalls

    Severalls Hospital in Boxted Road, Colchester, closed in 1997 and negotiations by owners the North Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (NEP) are ongoing in a bid to sell it to developers. However the site has attracted a number of unwanted visitors wanting to photograph the...
  11. skeleton key

    Urban Explorer Dies In Storm drain - March - 2015

    It doesnt get any sadder than this im afraid. More here. RIP :Gulp:
  12. skeleton key

    - The latest Horror Labs & shit - March - 2015

    Well I thought id best share guys. If you are easily offended I apologise and you should move swiftly on as that is not my intention. I feel I have the duty to share my experiences in the form of imagery and this is my disclaimer. As in keeping with the recent facebook posts I thought id...
  13. skeleton key

    The Royal Military Academy Woolwich (RMA) - 2014

    Cheers for looking in guys
  14. skeleton key

    Blocking FaceBook games requests & more - 2014

    How many people do I hear complaining about games request on FaceBook. Just so many myself included and am bored with the long winded means FB provide. So had a quick look at a way of finding a better way of filtering them out. Many like playing but simply not my thing and have received so...
  15. skeleton key

    RAF Fauld underground munitions storage depot - 2013

    A few pics only im afraid. The Place is huge with lots of unstable areas and last battery was on its way out after a weekend of locations above and below ground. The RAF Fauld explosion was a military accident which occurred at 11:11am on Monday, 27 November 1944 at the RAF Fauld underground...
  16. skeleton key

    Combined Electricity / dust destructor station-London -Feb 2014

    Cheers for looking in :thumb
  17. skeleton key

    Local Masts -2013

  18. skeleton key

    Batersea Power Station - 2013

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