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  1. jones-y-gog

    Great Britain Derby & Hartley Buildings Liverpool University - July 19

    This is an awesome place and nicely captured. I was just too late to the party on this one - was sealed about 2 days before I managed to get there 😭
  2. jones-y-gog

    Great Britain Tiger Manor - Oct 19

    This is one of the best around, hope it doesn't get trashed.
  3. jones-y-gog

    Great Britain The Bengal dynasty/black greyhound pub. August 2019

    So Tigger is still there and the piano has found its way outside. Pretty much as I remember it really - absolutely mashed!
  4. jones-y-gog

    Great Britain CMH, Aldershot, 2019

    Wow the doors are still there! Oh yeah...nice lamps man :D
  5. jones-y-gog

    Great Britain Acton farm Flintshire Oct 2019

    Enough bits and bobs to make it interesting!
  6. jones-y-gog

    Great Britain Associated Octel, Amlwch. October 2019

    I hear that some demo work may be imminent...
  7. jones-y-gog

    Great Britain Bryncyn, Ynys Mon. October 2019

    It saddens me to see the state this is in now
  8. jones-y-gog

    Great Britain Associated Octel, Amlwch. October 2019

    Nice one Steve, some bits I don't remember seeing before like the kitchen and lockers. Really like this one:
  9. jones-y-gog

    Great Britain Picton Road penyffordd Holywell Oct 2019

    This seems like a house with plenty of personal effects still there and although you say its been trashed it's could be a lot worse. Personally I'd be happier if it didn't have such precise location details (we certainly don't insist on that here). Discretion is often the best policy but on the...
  10. jones-y-gog

    Great Britain Y ty mawr coch, Gwynedd October 2019

    Another cool time capsule there
  11. jones-y-gog

    Great Britain Melbourne House, Bedford, England - October 2019

    Worth it for the staircase money shot 😉
  12. jones-y-gog

    Italy Villa Sbertoli - July 19

    Very nice indeed 😍
  13. jones-y-gog

    Belgium Maison des Peintures

    Jesus that wallpaper's a bit busy!
  14. jones-y-gog

    Great Britain Bethania Chapel, Llyn Peninsula, October 2019

    Nice one! There doesn't seem to be that many Welsh chapels left now that are disused but still have all the pews and features still left intact. Most seem to have been stripped and semi converted then run out of money/interest.
  15. jones-y-gog

    Germany Hotel Fakir - visited 10/2019

    Love the look of this place, those cobwebs show how untouched it is- awesome!
  16. jones-y-gog

    Great Britain Glatting farm

    Nice features there, I prefer frog farm personally- has a ring to it!
  17. jones-y-gog

    Great Britain A Hospital In The Woods, Sep 2019

    It is on my to-do list for sure!
  18. jones-y-gog

    Great Britain Ivy house Warrington October 2019

    There used to be a pair of axes on a mantelpiece back in the day
  19. jones-y-gog

    Great Britain A Hospital In The Woods, Sep 2019

    Shame you ran out of time, looks like it might be worth a revisit that.

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