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    France Bustes 2016

    Mad dash with Stussy for a fun dash in france As usual photofuckit has reduced quality :(
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    Italy Oct 2016 : Blue Cross Church

    been a while but thought would share this one  as usual photobucket f**** up the quality  1st day in Italy and got to say I loved this place, huge seminary with a lovely chapel 
  3. T

    Feb 2016 Manicomio Di R

    Another belting location visited with Stussy on our mini Italy tour  Cheers The Baron
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    Villa Mint Feb 2016

    Beautiful building in Italy Cheers The Baron
  5. T

    Chernobyl Powerplant May 2016 (Permission Visit)

    Havent posted for an age but saw another excellent report and inspired me to post again (after sorting out resizing issue I had months ago (thanks andyK))  Fun time, few hours tour inside, with a group of 8 of whom only 3 of us where taking photos  :angry2: cheers...
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    France October 2015 : Fachos

    3rd location of the first day in France with Stussy and a non member Lovely place, good fun and I didnt crash the hire car on this day of the trip :P cheers The Baron
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    Music House October 2015

    first location of my trip with Stussy and a non member, good trip and good locations :) on with the pics, since loosing my hard drive I`ve had to recreate a lot of settings for processing, going in a different direction so bear with me :) The...
  8. T

    Scottish School H

    only a few shots from a smash and grab This building is very close to where I work, its been sealed tighter than stussys wallet for years, and everyday I walk past it looking for a board off etc, in 10+years NEVER one !! So imagine my suprise on Tuesday when I was nipping out at lunch time and...
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    Aug 2015 : The Church of the Blown Out Windows

    its actually 2 churches but only 3 shots from the first. lovely bright day which sadly led to blown out windows :( Great day exploring with a non member, much laughs. No info on locations
  10. T

    Chernobyl School June 2015

    Next batch from my trip to this amazing place Just pics for this report Rare B&W, not a huge fan but thought this worked This one reminds me of Stussy, not sure why ;) Cheers The Baron
  11. T

    Majorca 2015

    Revisit to this place, but this time my best mate Baron Jnr came with me. Every year my folks, my kids and myself get a week or so on this beautiful island, I usually get a day or so on my own with a car to explore the island. This year I ended up not to well with a bloody ear infection !!! so...
  12. T

    Before and after shots

    I done my first before and after shot this weekend, only because I saw an old pic after I visited the angle is miles off but I know some people love this type of stuff.............................. so lets have em !!!! Really looking forward to a thread full of awesome stuff :) The Baron
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    Chernobyl Fairground June 2015

    Next set from this amazing place Cheers The Baron
  14. T

    Chernobyl Hospital June 2015

    Day 1 of a very memorable trip, wanted to do this for so long and as such the opportunity arose a few weeks back to make it happen. With it being very short notice, I went on my own and joined a public tour for 2 days, with 5 other folk, only 1 other person taking pictures !! time was limited...
  15. T

    Bulgaria March 2015 : Buzludzha

    Havent posted for what seems an eternity ! So this was a trip to Bulgaria that 7 of us went on in March. Wont go into the history as its out there Small copy and paste from wiki Buzludzha is a historical peak in the Central Balkan Mountains, Bulgaria and is 1441 metres high (4728 ft). In...
  16. T

    Feb 2015 Scottish School

    apologies for being absent for some time, wont go into it here but really wanted to make the effort and share this Not much to say, or want to say :) Not sure how long she will be doable but really enjoyed it, so much so that Baron Jnr(s) wanted to see it after I had been so I had to take...
  17. T

    Seminary J Sept 2014

    Visited with Makepondsnotwar and Venustas, nice 6.00am start at Macdonalds where I was given free coffee from the girl there (no idea why lol) What a fantastic location this is, for me it’s the best place in the UK I`ve done. Loads of history on DugieUK`s report the other week and I`m not one...
  18. T

    Majorca Distillery M

    no prefix for Majorca so went with Spain ;) my annual family holiday wouldnt be the same without some kind of explore. Got in about 7am but by 8am the sun was so bright its blowing out a lot of the window shots (must get up earlier !!!) Lovely place and very different to anything I`ve done...
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    Church of Decay - 2014

    Another from the weekender in Belgium Another belting religious site, much to see and shoot, really got a thing for churches at the moment. Cheers The Baron
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    Blue Christ Church July 2014

    had a great weekend of non stop exploring (between naps) with 2 great guys !! This was (I think) my favourite location of the entire trip, the level of decay and the ambiance of the place was exactly what I was after and boy did it deliver. No history for obvious reasons but enjoy Bit of...

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