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  1. hamtagger

    ET Phone Home

    Derp Phones   Nice old telephones appear everywhere in the places that we visit, some get left alone and some end up on ebay. I like to leave them where they are personally..         call me..
  2. hamtagger

    Silly Signage

    Silly Signs   If like me you are an adult but have a mental age of about 7 and a childish sense of humour, then post your funny/rude/silly signs below...             :3_grin:
  3. hamtagger

    Spiral Staircases

    Spiral Staircases   We've all encountered old spiral staircases on our travels, some more grand than others, and some in the most unlikely of places. Here's a couple of mine below. Now show us yours...   Sleaford Bass Maltings - 2014   St. Joseph's Seminary - 2015     Hardys and...
  4. hamtagger

    Endless Corridors

    Endless Corridors..   I've had a love of photographing corridors and other vanishing-point perspective shots for a long time now, long before I took a greater interest into the UE world, and old hospitals/asylums tend to present the best ones. Here are a few from different places over the...
  5. hamtagger

    RAF Church Fenton, Tadcaster - July 2016

    RAF Church Fenton   The Explore   'Twas a nice easy mooch from about a year ago with @Urbexbandoned. Because I'm so far behind in posting reports I always have to go back and read Tracey's report to jog my memory so I can write some shite here as an intro. I can remember it was a boiling hot...
  6. hamtagger

    Great Britain Oakwood Farm, Norfolk - June 2016

    Oakwood Farm   The Explore   A farm in Norfolk with a blue toilet which I liked. Good quality mahogany seat which was a bit dusty and the flush was defective. Toilet roll was scratchy on the anus area and dusty too. A farmer and his wife and possibly kids lived here at some point in the...
  7. hamtagger

    Great Britain Worthen Farmhouse, Shropshire - April 2016

    Worthen Farmhouse The Explore This was from last April. I can't remember a huge amount about this location as myself and @Urbexbandoned had spent the weekend further south in Wales and we were working our way back up to this area before heading back home. There was a farmer bumming about...
  8. hamtagger

    Canwick Cemetery Chapels, West Chapel, Lincolnshire - March 2016

    Canwick Cemetery Chapel   The Explore   One from March last year. This place has been derelict for a number of years and I had been keeping an eye on the place for probably 2 years previous to that as I regularly had to drive past the cemetery. Around once a month I made a point of stopping...
  9. hamtagger

    Great Britain Calcott Hall, Wales - April 2016

    Calcott Hall   The Explore   Well, I'm a little behind on posting reports, 13 months behind to be exact. Mojo issues mixed with a busy year but generally can't be arsed with the whole thing. Normally this is where I'd write about the explore and what happened etc but I really can't remember...
  10. hamtagger

    Great Britain Twenty Foot Farm, Lincolnshire - March 2016

    Twenty Foot Farm   The Explore   Visited with @Urbexbandoned on a chilly March morning. Thanks to @Mikeymutt for the location of a place that I'd probably driven past a few hundred times when I lived nearby and an classic example of me not keeping my eyes open when I should've done. This...
  11. hamtagger

    Derp Cars

    Derp Cars   We've all seen them on our travels so i thought i'd start a little themed thread for them. Heres a couple from a few derp-houses that i've snapped from Calcott and Worthen Farmhouse i think. Feel free to add yours too!           Now lets see yours! :thumb    
  12. hamtagger

    Hardys and Hansons Brewery, Nottinghamshire - February 2016

    Hardys and Hansons Brewery   The Explore   Visited with @Urbexbandoned. After checking out some other potential new sites in the area that day and having no luck with those, we found ourselves near here and decided to swing by and have a look. Was quite surprised to find that it still had...
  13. hamtagger

    Moo Farm, Derbyshire - February 2016

    Moo Farm   The Explore   Visited with @Urbexbandoned and my first piece of cottaging. Thanks to @Judderman62 for the info on this one, much appreciated mate.  Also, thanks to the cows nearby for refraining from charging at us and stomping on our heads. They merely gave us evils instead and...
  14. hamtagger

    Derpsley Chapel, Derpsville - January 2016

    Loxley Chapel   The Explore   Last few minutes of daylight left after a long day in Sheffield with @Urbexbandoned. If you've looked at my last report you would've read that my camera died for no reason at the previous location so I gathered my teddies from the floor beside my cot and headed...
  15. hamtagger

    Middlewood Asylum Chapel, Wadsley - January 2016

    Middlewood/South Yorkshire Asylum Chapel    The Explore..   Visited with @Urbexbandoned after a mooch around George Barnsley's earlier in the day and into the afternoon. Not sure what the fuck was going on with my camera but it completely died in here after only about 10 photos despite...
  16. hamtagger

    George Barnsley Tools, Sheffield - January 2016

    George Barnsley Tools   The Explore    I think it was a Sunday in January with @Urbexbandoned and we decided to make the shortish drive to Sheffield to have a look at this place as it seemed to have died down on the forums for the few months previous. It's now May and i'm just catching up...
  17. hamtagger

    Lostock Power Station, Northwich - Jan 2016

    Lostock Power Station   The Explore..   Visited with @Urbexbandoned. Left Lincoln early and the car thermometer was reading -4.5C, then when we arrived at Lostock it had only climbed half a degree. We had a bit of prior info from @macc_explore so thanks for that mate. Quite a bit of ducking...
  18. hamtagger

    RAF West Raynham, Norfolk - Jan 2016

    RAF West Raynham     The Explore   A bit of a flying visit this one as we had other things to check out deeper into Norfolk that day and I was really only mainly interested in the peely action going on in the foyer to the Junior Ranks Mess and a few other bits and bobs. I might jump on...
  19. hamtagger

    RAE Bedford 8x8, 3x3 Windtunnels and RAF Thurleigh Tower - Apr/Dec 15

    RAE Bedford 8x8, 3x3 Windtunnels and RAF Thurleigh Tower - Apr/Dec 15     The Explores   The first visit was intended to be a quick recce as there had been nothing from the place for a few years, so naturally assumed it was sealed tight... but bloody hell are we glad we checked the place...
  20. hamtagger

    St. John's Asylum, Lincolnshire - October 2015

    St. John's Asylum   The Explore..   Visited with @Urbexbandoned. Thought we should really check this place out last year in October as there hadn't been anything from the place for ages, mainly due to people probably assuming the place was converted, but in reality you can see from the main...

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