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  1. silverainbow

    Royal Marines Deep Refuge, Kent - Oct 2016

    Nicely done Miss, lovely pics, one of my favourites this, a real rarety to find something so clean
  2. silverainbow

    Mote Park Mine Kent december 2014

    An old thread but just literally came across it after searching for stuff on Mote Park, Nicely done Wevs 
  3. silverainbow

    Bethal Quarry - Bradford-on-Avon - March 2015

    Lovely set of pics there, really like the look of this place, bit of me for sure :thumb
  4. silverainbow

    God punish england Bunker - [04/2015]

    What an amazing place, so clean given its age, loving the artwork too! :thumb
  5. silverainbow

    AEI Cable Works Air Raid Shelter Febuary 2015

    Nice set of Pics Wevs, place looks like a belter ! :thumb
  6. silverainbow

    RAF Fauld underground munitions storage depot - Late 2012

    That Sir is pretty damned epic, Jealousy much !!!!
  7. silverainbow

    Heron House, Aylesbury – September 2014 (Former Job Centre)

    Very nice, great set of pics :thumb !
  8. silverainbow

    RM Deep Refuge Kent August 2014

    Lol what are you like!, great report though mate, having seen this myself I have to say that you've certainly done the place justice :thumb !
  9. silverainbow

    thorpe lodge tunnel, Norwich - March 2013

    What camera you got fella?, I can tell you about Nikon but lost with Canon :thumb
  10. silverainbow

    1 Nine Elms Tower Crane - August 2014

    That looks incredible, a high on more than one level !, Pic 5 does it for me :thumb
  11. silverainbow

    norwich crane, september 2014

    Very nice set there!, some cracking views too! :thumb
  12. silverainbow

    thorpe lodge tunnel, Norwich - March 2013

    Ooh I like that, great set of pics, what torch /WB set up did you use out of interest ? :thumb
  13. silverainbow

    st martin's deep shelter - july 2014

    Ah good ole St Martins, one of my favourites this, Nice set of pics Woody ! :thumb
  14. silverainbow

    Boerentoren - Antwerp - Sept. 2014

    Very nice, stunning shots ! :thumb
  15. silverainbow

    Temple of Doom, (Visited sept 14)

    That's one hell of a location, not seen or heard of before, top share !! :thumb
  16. silverainbow

    Old Water Tower, Upper Heyford - June 2014

    Some really cool views there, Not personally done much in the way of roof tops etc, think the tallest thing I've been up was a grain silo. -a lot of the guys I go out with are into roof tops etc not had the pleasure as yet Top share ! :thumb
  17. silverainbow

    Schlacke underground - visit 07/2014

    Very cool, can't beat underground, it's where I'm at my best, love the silence! :thumb !
  18. silverainbow

    ST Martins deep level shelter.

    Mate theyre quality, cracking set!, This is one of my favourite shelters !, Thanks for the share :thumb
  19. silverainbow

    Esplanades Level, Dover Castle, Kent, May 2014

    This is like the holy grail for all us Kent guys, I've been waitinga very long 4 years to get in here, Have lost count of the amount of times I had "dropped by" on the off chance of some one having made it possible but always to no avail, Id also eyed a particular possibility up a fair few times...
  20. silverainbow

    Cannon Road Section, Ramsgate, Kent Dec 2013

    Much like everyone else Ive been itching to get in here for a very long time, Well an opportunity presented itself so I though hey why not, lets get down there! A selection of my pics from the night in Question :P A nice bit of Original Graff And looking up into a vent shaft...

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