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  1. BikinGlynn

    Great Britain Tydd St Giles School House

    Not much left of this place but its rather charming & photogenic. In 1789 Tydd St. Giles was one of the sixty-eight parishes in the diocese without a school. Dr. Jobson, reporting on the state of the schools in Wisbech hundred in 1814, stated that there were about 50 children of school age in...
  2. BikinGlynn

    Great Britain Charles Wicksteed's House

    Charles Wicksteed is an well known name in Kettering, he was as an inventor and engineer who moved to Kettering as a Steam Ploughing contractor who set up an engineering company. After the war he primarily designed and built play equipment, often using bits and pieces from his engineering...
  3. BikinGlynn

    Great Britain John's House - Jan 19

    This place is quite personal to me even if its not the greatest explore in the world. John lived in the village I grew up & was a well known character, as you can see from his rather staggering CV he was a very clever chap but after many failures & illnesses in his life he became a 50 year old...
  4. BikinGlynn

    Great Britain St Raphael's - Dec 19

    Hasn't been posted for a while so thought Id share. This went up for sale in 17 for 450k but I assume it hasnt sold as its still sitting there slowly deteriorating Im afraid with a bad roof leak now adding to its problems. The History Opened in 1963, St Raphael the Archangel was built after...
  5. BikinGlynn

    Great Britain Cwm Coke - Sept 19

    Unusually for me Im posting a revisit, why? well its been a few years since Iv been & I bloody like this place. Combined with the fact as Im sure you are all aware a demolition order is in place for it so I thought Id share A bit of stolen history Originally a coal mine with two shafts called...
  6. BikinGlynn

    Great Britain Milford Mills - Oct 19

    Been done to death this but heres my take. The history is stolen from the same page as everyone elses by the looks of it .. Milford was named for its river-crossing, on an ancient route from Derby to the Peak District. The power of the Derwent was used from medieval times to run a corn-mill...
  7. BikinGlynn

    Great Britain Whitchurch Congregational Church - Jun 19

    This one was a bit of a hidden gem that seems to of kept off the radar tbh. Found by my partner in crime in the for sales we thought we would have a quick look at this while passing without much hope, & were surprised to find this accessible. Even more to our amazement was what laid inside ...
  8. BikinGlynn

    Great Britain Fisons Fertilisers - Oct 19

    I dont think there has been a post fire report so here goes. Now rather embarrassingly I had no idea we were at Fisons, it was just somewhere a mate noticed while we were in the area & thought we would pop in. Even looking at the helta skelta shoot it didnt dawn on me till a bit of post...
  9. BikinGlynn

    Great Britain RNTE Shotley (HMS Ganges) Dec 19

    Yawn yes again! But I liked it here & have tried to keep the pics a bit different so bear with me. The History (nicked from wiki) Royal Naval Training Establishment Shotley, known in the Royal Navy as HMS Ganges, was a naval training establishment at Shotley, near Ipswich in Suffolk. Starting...
  10. BikinGlynn

    Great Britain Alloy Manor - Oct 19

    Just an old destroyed manor house with a number of cars & bizarrely more lawn mowwers than I have ever seen in the grounds! would of been quite nice once but I cant figure out how old this is? not very by the looks of the metalwork on the spiral! 9O5A6795 by Bikin Glynn, on Flickr 9O5A6783...
  11. BikinGlynn

    Great Britain Coven Cottage - Staffs Aug 18

    Just a little derp cottage that I did last year but I quite liked. no history on this Im afraid, as they say it is what it is! IMG_2966 by Bikin Glynn, on Flickr IMG_2967 by Bikin Glynn, on Flickr IMG_2970 by Bikin Glynn, on Flickr IMG_2987 by Bikin Glynn, on Flickr IMG_2971 by Bikin...
  12. BikinGlynn

    Great Britain RAF Coningsby Weapons Store - Aug 19

    Coningsby has an interesting history, the airfield was home to the battle of Britain memorial flight & the 619 dambusters squadron no less. The main site is still live & home to typhoon jets which were operational during our visit & its indescribable how loud these were closely overhead...
  13. BikinGlynn

    Great Britain St Austell - Clay thingy?? - Sep 19

    I genuinely have no idea what this place is & dont even know how I found it, but its quite a nice place. I felt like Attenborough at times with the amount of undergrowth I was scrabbling through. Im guessing this is to do with clay production but any info greatly received? The site consists of...
  14. BikinGlynn

    Great Britain Derby & Hartley Buildings Liverpool University - July 19

    Been done a few times I know but this is a lovely place. On the live campus this called for an early Sunday morn visit with a non member but we were undisturbed for several hours, despite an alarm constantly sounding. Cant tell u much about this place to be honest, obviously its for some...
  15. BikinGlynn

    Great Britain Horsebridge Mill - Aug 19

    The History History on this place is very hazy, its a water powered flour mill that much we know & I did pick this up from one site. The mill was built in 1884; the previous structure was destroyed in a fire reported in the Sussex Advertiser, 30-9-1884. In the early twentieth century a two-sack...
  16. BikinGlynn

    Great Britain Tiger Manor - Oct 19

    Well what can I say about this place? I cant lay claim to finding this & I fear that some goontubers have already discovered it so I dont give it long but dont want to give too much away! In 8yrs of exploring this is in my opinion the best domestic property Iv been in. Not only is it...
  17. BikinGlynn

    Great Britain Glatting farm

    Not much to say about this place really. Its a farmhouse reputed to date back to the 15th century which is grade 2 listed. The property is "vacant" & it was under offer when we visited some months back, but you could snap it up with a cheeky offer if u have a spare 1.69 mill laying around. I...
  18. BikinGlynn

    Great Britain Kennell Vale Gunpowder Works

    We dont do tourist spots on here right? Well u best ban me now cos heres one I bloody loved! I was down South for a holiday & noticed this place so thought Id have a quick look & it was one of the most idyllic places Iv visited. Helped partly by the mid week explore which meant I had the place...
  19. BikinGlynn

    Great Britain Wooden Duck Farm

    Sorry about the crap code name but this is one I really hope dosen't get trashed! What can I tell u about it? Its a small farm house, or more likely a farm labours house as it sits on a still live farm. Its tiny sure enough with a 2 up 2 down configuration & strangely the bathroom sort of has a...
  20. BikinGlynn

    Great Britain Carclew House - Cornwall

    The History Carclew House was once described as one of Britains best houses! The original house and estate were purchased by a wealthy merchant William Lemon (1696–1760) circa 1739. work began in 1739, the enhancement to the mansion included flanking the main block with colonnades terminated...

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