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  1. Andy

    Marienkloster Boppard

    My last visit of this former monastery (later used as a financial school, girls' boarding school, hospital and barracks) was already more than years ago and even in 2009 the building was largely empty. I have no idea what it looks like now and whether it is still accessible. I haven't seen any...
  2. Andy

    Great Britain National shire horse centre Devon. January 2020

    IOnteresting place. The old, rusty phone booth looks great.
  3. Andy

    Italy Cotonificio C - Aug. 2019

    It's a shame that some things were vandalized there. In photos from a few years ago it was not so messed up yet and the mannequins were still intact.
  4. Andy

    Great Britain Charles Wicksteed's House

    Nice architecture. Good for the building, that it won't disintegrate, but will be renovated.
  5. Andy

    Great Britain Mossley Manor Care Home - Liverpool - Sept 19

    Really a shame that so much has been vandalized. But the staircase and the window are still very nice.
  6. Andy

    Italy Oriental Gem - May 2019

    Really beautiful place, welcome to OS!
  7. Andy

    Great Britain Boat house Devon. January 2020

    Some nice details, like the old photos and the plants inside.
  8. Andy

    Great Britain Tin cottage, Cornwall January 2020

    Nice with the green peeled paint on the outside and the old kettle.
  9. Andy

    Great Britain John's House - Jan 19

    Interesting history. I like the old photos and the b&w-shot of the bedroom.
  10. Andy

    Belgium Diesel Farm

    Great shots, the control room is incredible.
  11. Andy

    France Chateau Port - dec. 2019

    Nice building. I particularly like the murals in the second photo and the red wallpaper in pic 8. Also an interesting video.
  12. Andy

    Great Britain Derby & Hartley Buildings - Liverpool University - Dec 19

    Great that you find a way in. Nice one, looks interesting.
  13. Andy

    Great Britain Loomer Road Stadium, Newcastle Under Lyme - December 2019

    Something different from the usual abandoned places. Thanks for showing.
  14. Andy

    Great Britain Birmingham Tower, August 19.

    Very nice pics! I think I would get dizzy looking down there.
  15. Andy

    Great Britain Royal Aeronautical Establishment Bedford, Jan - Sept 2019

    Really great report and fantastic pics, you captured this interesting place very well!
  16. Andy

    Great Britain Cox and Wyman Printers, Reading, England - December 2019

    The table in pic #15 is fantastic!
  17. Andy

    Great Britain Cwm Coke - Sept 19

    Beautiful decay there, a really great set!
  18. Andy

    Italy Textile Mill Al Torrente - Oct. 2019

    That's a really nice place. The spools of thread and the old phone are great, likewise the warehouse with the countless rolls of paper and the old medicine cabinet.
  19. Andy

    Great Britain Horlicks, Slough - December 2019

    Really nice building with an intertesting history. The photo of the lettering on the roof with the impressive sky in the background is great.
  20. Andy

    Great Britain St Raphael's - Dec 19

    Indeed quite nice for a modern church building. At first glance, it looks like the St. Raphael archangel doesn't have a head because of the stairs. ;) I like this carpet / cloth.

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