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  1. AndyK!

    Ukraine Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station, Ukraine - October 2019

    It's not every day you get to visit a nuclear power station, especially one of such notoriety as this! I'd visited the exclusion zone 5 or so years ago, but at that time we were not permitted access into the plant itself, so when the opportunity to have a look inside, including the rarely seen...
  2. AndyK!

    RAF Coningsby Remote Weapons Store, Lincolnshire - February 2019

    On my way home from an overnight explore down south, it seemed a shame to waste the beautiful summer-like days we were having in mid-February, so I decided to stop off at RAF Coningsby's old weapons storage facility. It's not all that far from where I live, and I'd been meaning to take a look...
  3. AndyK!

    Great Britain Bowmans Flour / Whitley Bridge Mill, Eggborough - February 2019

    Whitley Bridge Mill was originally built in 1870s by John and Thomas Croysdale. Powered by electricity and steam, the mill utilised roller milling, a technique that had revolutionised the flour industry. For more than 100 years the mill was owned by James Bowman & Sons Ltd. Bowmans ceased...
  4. AndyK!

    RAF/USAF Bentwaters, Suffolk - December 2018

    This turned out to be a good day out with @SpiderMonkey and Exxperious.  This is a big site, by far the largest RAF base I've explored in terms of area covered, so we spent the whole day looking around it.  History of RAF Bentwaters RAF Bentwaters is a former Royal Air Force station in...
  5. AndyK!

    Great Britain Brent Delta Oil Production Platform - July 2017

    Visited with @The_Raw, @Pinkman, @Maniac and @extreme_ironing. History The Brent oil field, off the north-east coast of Scotland is one of the largest fields in the North Sea. Discovered in 1971, it was one of the most significant oil and gas finds made in the UK sector. Brent field production...
  6. AndyK!

    Great Britain HM Prison Holloway, London - August 2018

    HMP Holloway was the largest women’s only prison in Europe until its closure in 2016. Rebuilt between 1971 to 1985, the prison's design was intended to produce an atmosphere more like a hospital than a prison. This design was recognised as a failure in the 1980s as its lack of traditional wings...
  7. AndyK!

    Great Britain Winter Gardens, Great Yarmouth - September 2018

    Great Yarmouth, or more accurately just Yarmouth is a typically tacky seaside town with mile upon mile of the stereotypical kind of tat and tasteless amusement arcades you only find on the shorelines of England. The kind of establishments that have lightweight wooden chairs that only the elderly...
  8. AndyK!

    France Florange Steel Works / HFX, France - June 2017

    I remember visiting the "Bureau Central" a fair few years ago and noticing the massive steel works next door that the offices were once the headquarters for. The entire works seemed to be abandoned, although the old office block had clearly been out of use for a lot longer. We added it to the...
  9. AndyK!

    Peely Paint Photos

    Add your photos of peely paint!
  10. AndyK!

    Old Industry

    Any shots of vintage industrial locations - the older the better!
  11. AndyK!

    Great Britain Old Royal High School / New Parliament House, Edinburgh - Feb 2018

    We had no idea how we would get on here. After driving through the night and arriving in the early hours, our entry was just awful! As we sat in the freezing cold, and the light started to appear at the windows, we could see it was worth the effort. Visited with @SpiderMonkey, obvs! History...
  12. AndyK!

    New member introductions

    If you have recently joined the forum.... Welcome! It's always nice for new member to say hello. We don't need an autobiography, just a hi and where you're from will be enough.   Please take a look at the guides in out technical help section before posting your first report...
  13. AndyK!

    Station Hotel, Ayr, Scotland - February 2018

    The Station Hotel is a grand Victorian building situated in the heart of Ayr town centre. The hotel consists of 71 bedrooms, complete with en-suite bathrooms, plus a host of suits for functions and a cocktail lounge. The hotel, which is attached to Ayr railway station, was originally opened by...
  14. AndyK!

    Jordanhill College, Glasgow, Scotland - Dec-Feb 2018

    The Jordanhill Campus is an historic estate within the boundaries of Jordanhill in Glasgow, Scotland. The buildings have stood empty since 2012, until which time it served as the Faculty of Education of the University of Strathclyde. Sometimes you just can't understand why no one else has...
  15. AndyK!

    Great Britain Coalbrookdale Foundry – Aga Rayburn, Ironbridge, Shropshire (December 2017)

    The history of Coalbrookdale foundry dates back all the way to 1572 when the land was passed to John Brooke who developed coal mining there on a substantial scale. A blast furnace was built at the site to produce iron, which blew up in 1703. It remained derelict until the arrival of Abraham...
  16. AndyK!

    France Chateau French House - August 2017

    The chateau is one of the many large abandoned houses that can be found around France. Built in the 1700s by the lord of the village it is within, the house has been modified and expanded over the years. The vaulted basement contains a full size snooker table below the original arched ceiling...
  17. AndyK!

    Pyestock Anechoic Facility - August 2017

    The last piece of Pye. I’m sure everyone who visited Pyestock before it was demolished will remember the Anechoic Facility, that one last bit of the puzzle that couldn’t be visited. The blue-tailed building was still in use long after the demolition of the rest of the site, and is the only...
  18. AndyK!

    County Court, Burton Upon Trent - May 2017

    The purpose-built County Court in Burton Upon Trent opened in 1862 featuring a three storey Italianate stone facade. Inside the courthouse features a double height courtroom with high-level arched windows around every wall, flooding the room with light. The original ornate balustrade survives in...
  19. AndyK!

    Chamberlin & Hill Castings (S. Russell & Sons), Leicester - April 2017

    Formed in 1864 when Samuel Russell moved to Leicester from Loughborough, the brass and iron foundry based its head office, engineering and foundry operations on Bath Lane in Leicester.The company later became S. Russell & Sons when his two sons joined the firm in 1881. As the company...
  20. AndyK!

    Battenhall Mount, Former St Mary’s Convent School, Worcester - February 2017

    Last month @SpiderMonkey and I were given the heads-up on this place and after a quick Google we decided to head down to Worcester at the next available opportunity. We noticed a few people had tried before, only to find active security scuppering their success, so we were slightly apprehensive...

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