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  1. Maniac

    Great Britain Busted at Buckmore - The Report - 02 Jan 2009

    Can we not edit posts on here? I tagged the wrong account in that post above. Doh!
  2. Maniac

    Great Britain Busted at Buckmore - The Report - 02 Jan 2009

    Awwwwww. This was a long time ago, but I still remember that night. Ah the memories! And yeah I'm still about although I don't post much these days and as you'll no doubt have noticed I no longer have anything to do with the running of Oblivion State - I handed it on after 8 years. You're...
  3. Maniac

    Great Britain NGTE Pyestock, Fleet, Hampshire - 2013

    Ahhhhhhh the memories of pyesyock. Anyone that ever went couldn't help but be impressed by the place. 
  4. Maniac

    Great Britain Brent Delta Oil Production Platform - July 2017

    Awesome! That was a fun trip, forgot about this! 
  5. Maniac

    Poland Glassworks

    Blimy, that is impressive. All that glassware just there, untouched. Awesome! :D  
  6. Maniac

    France Bureau Central, France - October 2017

    Nice pics there Damo. I've literally this evening finally downloaded my memory cards from this trip, I might even put a report together once I've figured out where to host my photos now I don't have photobucket any more :(  
  7. Maniac

    France Gros Ouvrage Bréhain (Maginot Line), France - May 2017

    Lovely set of photos there, it's deinitely one of the better ones to go see this. Both times I've been here I've never got to the far end, that corridor is just so long! 
  8. Maniac

    France Gros Ouvrage Brehain, Maginot Line (visited 05/2017)

    Great set of photos Andy, was a fun day. :)  
  9. Maniac

    Royal Marines Deep Refuge, Kent - Oct 2016

    Nice one, great set of pics.  As it appears to be open again I should get my backside down there really before someone puts a lock on it again. 
  10. Maniac

    Cwmorthin slate mine Wales October 2016

    Doesn't matter how many photos I see from the Welsh slate mines, I still love them and still see bits I've not seen before! 
  11. Maniac

    Staplefield Patrol Operational Base - West Sussex - September 2016

    They call these zero stations. There's one at Hollingbourne near to where I live, although this one seems to be in better condition.  Nicely photgraphed :)  
  12. Maniac

    Kingsway Tram Tunnel - London - Sept 2016

    Nice one :)  I've still never been here! 
  13. Maniac

    Great Britain Mr Norreys House Aug16

    Always think it's quite sad when places get left like this. Nice report thou. :)
  14. Maniac

    Ladybower Reservoir Overflow, Derbyshire - July '16

    A friend of mine lives not far from here, and I've never actually got round to looking at this when I've been up there. I really must do that!  Nice photos, but definitely invest in some processing software, just a tweek on the exposure levels would make them a whole lot easier to appreciate...
  15. Maniac

    Boredomiser, Derby - July '16

    I think you need to get lightroom and lighten your photos a little, it's hard to make out the details.  Looks like quite a sizeable culvert. :)  
  16. Maniac

    Steak Bake, Asfordby Valley, Leicestershire - July '16

    Well it's mainly RCP, but a few interesting junctions are it's redeeming features. Thanks for posting :)  
  17. Maniac

    Belgium Pritzer Fac, Belgium, July 16

    Nice set of photos. I need to return here, as a heavy night drinking the night before (Liege has a great night life, who knew!) meant I wasn't feeling this when we went and really didn't take that many photos. 
  18. Maniac

    Belgium Usine S - May 2016

    Lovely set of photos :)   I loved this place when we went and like @The_Raw says I think there's a few bits we missed looking at your pics. 
  19. Maniac

    Belgium Usine S, Belgium - June 2016

    I really enjoyed my visit here, there was way more left than I expected. It's all about those engines and pumps and that mahoosive drive belt! Nicely photographed :)  
  20. Maniac

    Victoria Arches, Manchester, July 16

    Doesn't look like much has changed in the 3 or 4 years since I popped my head in here. Remember that day @Wevsky :D  

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