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  1. Maniac

    Belgium Diesel Power - Belgium - February 2016

    Back in February myself, @The_Raw @extreme_ironing and @Merryprankster took a little jaunt over to Belgium. First on the list was this little diesel power station, mainly because of the comedy access, but it was a pretty cool little place to explore.  As power stations go it wasn't a big one...
  2. Maniac

    AEI Henley Air Raid Shelter, Gravesend - Jan 2016

    Popped in here to test out my new torch the other day, as it's local and I wondered if it was still 'doable' turns out it is.  You can see my original report here The factory is no longer...
  3. Maniac

    The Post Office Railway (Mail Rail) - London - 2015

    This was another one of those what the fuck just happened moments in my life.  So I was on my way back from (not so) sunny South Wales with @The_Raw @extreme_ironing and @sentinel after visiting @Lenston when I got a call from a very excited @Frosty. "Mail Rail is doable." I know by now if he...
  4. Maniac

    Aylesford Newsprint, Kent - Dec 2015

    This has been a while in the making.  Paper has been manufactured on the Aylesford Newsprint site since 1922, formely under the name of Aylesford Paper Mill and laterly by Aylesford Newsprint. The entire area has a history which revolved around the paper and packaging industry for decades, but...
  5. Maniac

    Canterbury Cathedral - December 2015

    Canterbury Cathedral seems to have had scaffolding round it for as long as I can remember. I lived in Canterbury for a while about 6 years ago, and it even had scaffolding round it then. If anything, there's more now than ever and several different routes to choose to the roof, so with it being...
  6. Maniac

    Donations to Oblvion State

    Hello Everyone,  Like any website, Oblivion State has some running costs attached to it and unlike some communities we do not run ads, so we generate no revenue from the site. This means we rely entirely on donations from people to keep it going (or when that runs out, my credit card!) So if...
  7. Maniac

    Redcar Blast Furnace, November 2015

    Wasn't sure whether to post a report from here or not. My photos aren't all that, but it was a pretty fun night so here's my take on it. All these are hand held shots, I may go back and take some proper ones at some point, but for me it was more about seeing the place than photographing it...
  8. Maniac

    Themed threads forum guidelines

    Collections of things are nice, but any collection needs a few rules. Quality not Quantity Try and keep the pictures in a themed thread good quality examples of the theme and don't just post up 25 mediocre shots just for the sake of it. Diversity is Key Try not to post more than one photo...
  9. Maniac

    Couldn't chair less!

  10. Maniac

    Gillingham Gas Holder No 3 - October 2015

    I've been waiting a long time to finally climb this. Not sure what took me so long, but I finally did it recently. It's hard to find out much about this history of this one. All I know is this is gas holder number 3 (The spiral one that remains is gas holder No 4) and it was constructed...
  11. Maniac

    Kingsway Telephone Exchange, London - Late 2013

    Thought it was about time these photos saw the light of day, it was 2 years ago now, FFS where does the time go. A Brief history of the Kingsway exchange. Kingsway started out life as the Chancery Lane deep shelter. This was constructed as part of the war effort to provide shelter to Londoners...
  12. Maniac

    The big Kent Meetup, 5th / 6th September 2015

    Come and spend the tail end of the summer exploring, relaxing and having a good time in Kent. OK it is the arse end of England, but we've never had a proper big meet down here . . . . until now! I've been promising people for a long time that I would organise a meet in Kent, so here it is. Date...
  13. Maniac

    Man found dead on building site in Manchester Sad to read, hope it wasn't anyone from the community. Please, stay safe out there :thumb
  14. Maniac

    Britain beneath your feet on BBC iPlayer

    Fantastic program, well worth a watch. Episode 2 is later this week.
  15. Maniac

    Southall Gas holder No 5 - May 2015

    Not posted anything for a while, but I'm going to post up a few things tonight, starting with this for no other reason than it was the first thing to come into my mind. If you want to see GAS then go do this before they flatten it. I encourage you to, you won't get another chance like this as...
  16. Maniac

    Free-runner James Kingston in Wembley arch climb State's he's the first person to stand on top of it, but I'm absolutely convinced there's others in this community that have done just that?
  17. Maniac

    Earls Court exhibition centre, London, April 2015

    After hearing this was closing at the end of last year, it went straight on my list and then promptly got forgotten about until I suddenly remembered about it when chatting with The_raw and others a few weeks back. So we set a date and went and had a look round. Probably shouldn't have left it...
  18. Maniac

    Canterbury Gas Holder - March 2015

    About 6 years ago myself and Frosty had a go at getting up this. We failed at the time, neither one of us was confident enough to try climbing over the gate half way up. Fast forward 6 years, I thought I'd have another crack at this while killing some time in Canterbury, then I revisited it...
  19. Maniac

    RAF Fauld underground munitions storage depot - Late 2012

    Like everyone else I've held off posting this, but as things are at the moment I thought I may as well stick up my photos from here. I really enjoyed visiting this place, so much so these photos are taken over about 3 or 4 visits to the place over late 2012/early 2013. RAF Fauld was a massive...
  20. Maniac

    Steel Rolling Mill, Queenborough, Kent - July 2014

    After one of the false starts trying to complete Fort Darnet (when we accidentally broke a part of the engine) Liam and me were stuck for something to do, so I suggested going here. I was aware of this place, it closed properly last year and following a report on another forum I thought it was...

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