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  1. The_Raw

    Italy Centrale Idroelettrica - Aug. 2019

  2. The_Raw

    Italy Ospedale & Chiesa Santa Rita - June 2019

    This was a nice explore from my summer trip to Italy with @Andy. We originally set out just to see the chapel as we hadn't realised there was an abandoned hospital behind it as well (bonus!). I managed to find a little bit of history on the place. The chapel and surrounding buildings were built...
  3. The_Raw

    Great Britain Chatterley Whitfield Colliery - July-Aug 19

    Enjoyed reading that. Nicely done!
  4. The_Raw

    Great Britain Browns Folly Mine - Wiltshire - January 2020

    Impressive pictures for your first mine! Makes a good place for a gathering too :)
  5. The_Raw

    Great Britain Wavertree Methodist Church - Jan 20

    Seems to be very popular with the pigeons! Some nice shots there mate
  6. The_Raw

    Great Britain The Hush, USAF/RAF Bentwaters, Feb 2020

    Nice. Couldn't get anywhere near this when I went as there was filming or something taking place inside. Epic site to explore on the whole
  7. The_Raw

    Italy Sanatorio Divo carolo Dictatum - Aug. 2019

    Actually if you look at the chapel people have smashed the altar to pieces and started a fire in there. It used to be pristine. It's still pretty nice now but places do get fucked up over there eventually.
  8. The_Raw

    Great Britain Preston Odeon, August 2019

    Shame they sacked off the original ceiling as that looked epic. That old seating's very cool though. Nice pics mate
  9. The_Raw

    Italy Sanatorio Divo carolo Dictatum - Aug. 2019

    I loved it in here as well. The chapel is very cool but the tunnels are my favourite part. They go on forever! Nice pics btw
  10. The_Raw

    Great Britain Hunters House - Northallerton - Jan 20

    Some nice furniture left in there. Grandfather clock for the win
  11. The_Raw

    Great Britain St John the Evangelist Church - Crawshawbooth - Dec 19

    Ah yeah I just realised it was typed out wrong. The steemit homepage doesn't look very 'UE'! Cheers for clarifying
  12. The_Raw

    Pool Parc Hospital/Asylum Wales.

    If only one of those boards were to magically fall off you'd be inside 🤷‍♂️
  13. The_Raw

    Germany Dolls forest

    Haha I love this! Especially this one.....
  14. The_Raw

    Great Britain chapel in the woods 2019 staffs

    That's a nice little find. Impressive to still be standing after that long!
  15. The_Raw

    Great Britain The Wheatsheaf Aug 19

    Not very exciting but always good to have these places documented for people who spent time there
  16. The_Raw

    Germany Clinic 05 - visited 12/2019

    Lots of nice elements to this with the beds, library and that decaying office. Very cool
  17. The_Raw

    Great Britain Healing's Mill, Tewkesbury - October 2019

    That's not too shabby Harry
  18. The_Raw

    Great Britain asphalt plant and graffiti oct 2019

    This would make a good place for a massive party
  19. The_Raw

    Germany Paper mill - revisit 12/2019

    That's really nice man. Lots of great pictures in both of your posts 👌
  20. The_Raw

    Italy Train dismantling facility - June 2019

    Missed this one. Great find!

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