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  1. Funlester

    Uniqema Chemical Works, Bromborough - November 2015

    This was the second stop of out Sunday trip. I have to say I do love a good bit of industrial filth. History - Originally owned by Price's Patent Candle Company. In 1853, Palm oil was brought into Liverpool and so the company needed a site to use the palm oil closer to Liverpool than taking...
  2. Funlester

    Cornist Hall, Flint - November 2015

    This was the last stop on our trip on Sunday, was a little bit of a let down. History - Cornist Hall, built sometime in the early 1700s, is a former luxury mansion located in the town of Flint, Wales. It is a Jacobethan style brick and stone structure; although this term was not coined until...
  3. Funlester

    Lostock Power Station - Northwich - Nov 15

    This was the first visit of 3 yesterday, we may have got here a little early as it was pitch black and had to wait around for an hour or so for the sun to come up. History - Bowman Thompson & Company originally owned the site but was sold in 1900 to Brunner Mond whom with a seven year...
  4. Funlester

    Winstanley Hall, Winstanley - March 15

    This is first time out with my camera Nikon D5200 and first time doing any Urbex at all. Went out with two mates and big thanks for them for letting me tag along on this trip and a few more that ill post at some point. We tried one place first but couldn't get access. History The hall was...
  5. Funlester

    John Rylands Cotton Mill, Wigan - March 15

    We came across this looking for some underground stuff and was a nice little find. Since we went I have seen in the news that parts of it have been set on fire and unsafe. History.. In 1819, Rylands & Sons were established with their seat of operations being in Wigan. John, the youngest...
  6. Funlester

    Corah & Sons, Leicester - April 15

    Random quick visit to this place, didn't get in much of it but a nice little visit. History - Corah & Sons was a former hosiery and textiles business, founded by Nathaniel Corah in 1824. St Margaret's works opened in 1865 - 66 and closed in the 1990s. Today parts of the factory are still...
  7. Funlester

    Frank Whittles Factory, Whetstone - April 15

    After a nice long drive we finally found this place. History - The factory itself was owned by Sir Frank Whittle, who was born on the 1st of June 1907 and died in august 9 1996. he was a royal air force officer who was accredited for single handily inventing the turbojet engine, although the...
  8. Funlester

    Empire Theatre, Burnley - April 15

    We had a few failed places but then got in this place. Nice place but smelt a bit. History - Originally called the Empire Theatre of Varieties, this theatre opened in Burnley in 1894 with capacity to seat 1935 people. Funded by the Directors of the Victoria Opera House Limited. In 1995 the...
  9. Funlester

    Brierfield Mills - May 15

    I got invited to this visit of someone I got chatting to on FB and was a nice place to look round to see how it it and what they are trying to turn it in to. HISTORY - Brierfield Mills stands on the east bank of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal. It was established before 1844 as a steam-powered...
  10. Funlester

    Sheffield Court House, Sheffield - May 15

    This was the first stop when we spent the day around Sheffield, 5 tried 5 entered. History - Sheffield Old Town Hall stands on Waingate in central Sheffield, England, opposite Castle Market. The building was commissioned to replace Sheffield's first town hall, which had opened in 1700 to a...
  11. Funlester

    Loxley Chapel, Sheffield - May 15

    This was our last spot on our day in Sheffield and for myself love places like this but wasnt that much in there History - Loxley Chapel was built in 1787 by the Rev Benjamin Greaves who was the curate of Bradfield, along with a few friends. The chapel closed in 1993 after the parish had...
  12. Funlester

    Record Ridgeway, Sheffield - May 15

    We came across this after some old dears on a different site pointed us towards it. Empty but some nice art work. History - The works on Shepherd Street were founded by William Ridgeway in the 1930s. William Ridgeway merged first of all with Record Tools in 1974. Record were another Sheffield...
  13. Funlester

    Stanley Tools, Sheffield - May 15

    This place has now been turn in to an Airsoft building so tyres everywhere and not much else apart from the main door. History - What is now known as The Stanley Tools Factory, Sheffield was built in the 1850’s. At the moment it is derelict awaiting refurbishment. It is 100,000 Sq.ft in size...
  14. Funlester

    Canon Brewery, Sheffield - May 2015

    This was one of the sites we did on a full day in Sheffield. We bumped in to come pensioners at this site who explore but mainly for the street art. History Stones Brewery (William Stones Ltd) was a regional brewery founded in 1868 by William Stones in Sheffield, West Riding of South...
  15. Funlester

    Clare Tools, Manchester - May 15

    This was a Sunday early morning visit with a non member and was a really nice place to go round. Sadly now part of the main bit has collapsed back in July - History - The...
  16. Funlester

    Langley Mill, Macclesfield - May 15

    This was just a flying visit to this place back in May on way home from somewhere that I cant remember. History - Langley Mill, founded by William Smith in 1826, became the biggest silk printing, dyeing and finishing works in the world. Langley Mill later went on to become Specialised...
  17. Funlester

    Daresbury Hall, Cheshire - July 15

    We visited this after a failed attempted at a different site. History Daresbury Hall is a former country house in the village of Daresbury, Cheshire, England. In 1755 John Daniell sold the manor of Daresbury to George Heron and the Hall was built about 1760.It remained in the Heron family...
  18. Funlester

    High Royds Asylum, Menston - Aug 15

    We went here on a Sunday dinner time with no real access details and after working round with no way in we bumped in to some nice lad with a big ginger beard (good lad if you come across him) and he shown us the way in. Once in we had a walk round and half way round we noticed the main front...
  19. Funlester

    The White Lion Pub, Stockport - Aug 15

    Visited with a mate one night last week, bit of a rushed visit. Photos not great as my main touch ran out as soon as got there and left the spare batteries at home, so using my back up light and most photos took one handed so little blurry but wanted to share anyway. Will prob do a revisit as...
  20. Funlester

    Brownie Cottage, Wales - Oct 15

    This was one we got told about my my mates contact. Not sure there is any history at all as just a cottage on the side of the road. Its called "Brownie" as there is an old Brownie Camera on the side in there.

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