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  1. BikinGlynn

    Germany Dolls forest

    Well that really is one of the creepiest things Iv ever had the misfortune to see!
  2. BikinGlynn

    Great Britain Headley Court - Sept 19

    Yeah seen the pics from in it, was a bit gutted but thats the way it goes!
  3. BikinGlynn

    Italy Centrale Idroelettrica - Aug. 2019

    Spectacular that well done
  4. BikinGlynn

    Great Britain Aberwheeler nurseries, North Wales February 2020

    Jees perhaps they are prepping for Brexit 😆
  5. BikinGlynn

    Great Britain Headley Court - Sept 19

    Headley Court was an Elizabethan farm house bought by the Cunliffe family, from Tyrrell's Wood, Leatherhead. They later sold this farm house and built in 1899 the imposing mansion at the centre of Headley Court to the north, namely under Lord Cunliffe, who was Chairman of the Bank of England...
  6. BikinGlynn

    Great Britain Hunters House - Northallerton - Jan 20

    Lovely place one I must visit nicely photographed. I fear the location is out there now so am worried this will go the way of the fish farm house!
  7. BikinGlynn

    Great Britain Derby Hippodrome - Sept 19

    Yeah Id heard that story, pretty crazy & as said it now seems pretty unsaveable!
  8. BikinGlynn

    Italy Ospedale & Chiesa Santa Rita - June 2019

    Love the look of this place, its full of deco goodness!
  9. BikinGlynn

    Great Britain Wavertree Methodist Church - Jan 20

    Wasnt too bad to be honest, unlike the Peggy davis place jees that was bad!
  10. BikinGlynn

    Great Britain Wavertree Methodist Church - Jan 20

    Been done a lot I know but its quite a nice place so heres my take The Wavertree church (also known as The Memorial Church of the Protestant Martyrs) was built in 1902 to designs of Thomas H W Walker, to serve the area’s burgeoning Methodist community. The church closed in 2004 and last year...
  11. BikinGlynn

    Great Britain Dudson Pottery - Sept 19

    Yeah as above Im not sure if anything is left now, but needs someone local to go check it out ;-)
  12. BikinGlynn

    Great Britain Wellington County Infant's School / Peggy Davies Ceramics - Dec 19

    Not an easy one to get in & lots of overlooking properties
  13. BikinGlynn

    Great Britain Dudson Pottery - Sept 19

    Dont know what its like now but guessing most of it has gone ;-(
  14. BikinGlynn

    Belgium Orient Express (March 2016)

    Wow that is bloody lovely. Love the wood panelling in there excellent stuff
  15. BikinGlynn

    Great Britain chapel in the woods 2019 staffs

    Thats rather beautiful, would make a lovely house
  16. BikinGlynn

    Great Britain All Saints Denton - Nov 19

    Just a small one this time. All Saints Church in Denton, substantially rebuilt 1629–1671, but with 12th and 13th century elements, was abandoned in the early 1960s and is currently in a ruinous state. However, the roofless church and tower remain Grade II listed. Wiki goes on to say that...
  17. BikinGlynn

    Great Britain Milford Mills - Oct 19

    I like this place its rather nice
  18. BikinGlynn

    Great Britain The deaf and dumb institute. Liverpool. February 2020

    Nice one, its a cool place aint it. I walked into the backroom on my own & though I wonder what so important here they have covered it with a sheet! Fortunatelly there was no one in there when I stuck my head in. I heard it was sealed the day after our visit a few weeks ago but maybe thats the...
  19. BikinGlynn

    Great Britain Dudson Pottery - Sept 19

    All machines were labled up with lot numbers or other company names as they had already been sold. TBH not the sort of place Id normally head too (far too clean) but would of been rude not to while we were there
  20. BikinGlynn

    Great Britain Dudson Pottery - Sept 19

    Dudson is a British company that manufactured tableware, glassware and porcelain. It is one of the oldest brands of its industry in England, founded in 1800. It was also one of the first pottery companies to identify a need to serve specifically the hospitality market, and began to serve...

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