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  1. Andy

    Italy Power plant for asbestos processing (06/2019)

    I found this place by myself via Google Earth, recognized because of many broken and leaky roofs on the satelite image. So of course I was curious what would actually expect us on the spot. Unfortunately we didn't have enough time in daylight to explore the entire area, because we first checked...
  2. Andy

    France Forbidden Road - France - July 2019

    Great report & pics, the landscape looks really awesome.
  3. Andy

    Belgium Maison Jolly Jumper

    Typical old Belgian Maison, nice one.
  4. Andy

    Italy Villa Capriglio aka Villa del Diavolo (06/2019)

    I didn't expect much, as the villa was used by homeless people and as a meeting place for junkies for many years. Inside was accordingly a lot of garbage and unfortunately many graffiti. But there were also remains of once magnificent ceiling paintings as well as reliefs and frescoes in the...
  5. Andy

    Italy Fabbrica tessile (visited 06/2019)

    Luckily I didn't notice it either ...
  6. Andy

    i am back

    Welcome back!
  7. Andy

    Belgium Charbonnage du Renard - May 2018 & June 2019

    Nice editing, beautiful old cars!
  8. Andy

    Hungary Abandoned Courthouse, Hungary - May 2019

    It must have been an impressive place in its days. A shame with the graffiti today.
  9. Andy

    Pritzer Fac - May 2016

    The place was still stunning in this time. Great set!
  10. Andy

    Italy Red Cross Hospital (May 2019)

    Always nice to see. Just sad with the graffiti inside now. During my visit in the summer 2015, the cross on the ceiling had already faded, but its stone frame was still preserved then.
  11. Andy

    Great Britain Foley House – July 2019

    Really very nice shots! The view through the "window" with the clock next to it is great.
  12. Andy

    Great Britain Hafod Gruffydd Dyfed July 2019

    Again very nice details. You're the master of abandoned cottages. :)
  13. Andy

    Great Britain The Cottage of Uncle Elias Dyfed July 2019

    Nice place. I always like your detail shots.
  14. Andy

    Italy Fabbrica tessile (visited 06/2019)

    I don't know much about the history of the former textile factory. According to the calendar, it should have been closed in September 2005. For this long period of time it's still well preserved and still with a lot of inventory inside. Visited with @The_Raw 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9...
  15. Andy

    Italy Ospedale di Santa Rita (visited 06/2019)

    I hope they visited the really nice church anyway. It would be a pity and annoying for them, if not. Where did you see a shot by @Paradox from there? I couldn't find it.
  16. Andy

    Italy Castello con cappella dietro una fattoria in rovina (visited 06/2019)

    The history of the castle begins in the first half of the 13th century. Around 1233 Benedictine monks built here a fortified manor, which was sold in 1334 and expanded to the castle with four towers. At the end of the 15th century, the castle was divided and extended by several owners. From...
  17. Andy

    Italy Ospedale di Santa Rita (visited 06/2019)

    The hospital is located on a hill behind an abandoned church. The driveway is no longer possible due to a barrier, which is why we had to walk upwards in the summer heat. Unfortunately, I don't know anything about its history. Visited with @The_Raw . Fortunately, locally he looked at the...
  18. Andy

    Peely Paint Photos

    Great topic, really nice pics!
  19. Andy

    Belgium Tram 37 - May 2019

    Nice one, I like it.

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