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  1. obscureserenity

    France Forbidden Road - France - July 2019

    Brill report! Great photos and an interesting write up. Nice to see something a bit different too :)
  2. obscureserenity

    Italy Red Cross Hospital (May 2019)

    Glad to see it still looks pretty much the same as when I first visited in 2017. Great report, thanks for sharing this with us :)
  3. obscureserenity

    France Pottery - April 2019

    Very nice! Great photos and write up. Looks like it was worth the effort getting in :)
  4. obscureserenity

    Great Britain Forever Cottage Worthen Shropshire July 2019

    Great photos! Thanks for sharing this one with us :)
  5. obscureserenity

    Belgium Tram 37 - May 2019

    Short but sweet! Nice report :) glad to know those tram carts will be restored to their former glory.
  6. obscureserenity

    Italy Castello con cappella dietro una fattoria in rovina (visited 06/2019)

    Superb report, I agree with @AndyK! some rather impressive ceilings there, also liking that chapel. Nice one :)
  7. obscureserenity

    Great Britain Car Dealership - June 19

    Nice to see something a bit different on here. Great photos! Thank you for sharing this one with us.
  8. obscureserenity

    Thoracic Hospital - May 2019

    Fantastic photos! No need to be critical of your pictures, you've done a great job capturing this place :)
  9. obscureserenity

    Belgium HFB/Blast Furnace B - June 2018

    Fantastic write up with some really nice pictures and a video to accompany it. Great report overall, cheers for posting!
  10. obscureserenity

    USA Pastel Surgical Building - USA - March 2019

    Wow! Some really beautiful photos there. This is definitely my kind of place. More please :D
  11. obscureserenity

    Usine S - May 2019

    Very nice selection of images there, did the place a lot of justice. Think I'm gonna need to pop back now!
  12. obscureserenity

    France La Morgue Prélude - France, June 2018

    History The hospital was originally built in 1862 as the Asylum of Ville-Evrard to treat psychiatric patients from the surrounding areas. The first admittance to the facility was in January of 1868 and within the following year, that number increased to around 700 patients. The asylum was...
  13. obscureserenity

    Trip to Tjernobyl...Culture center Zallisia

    Great first report, some lovely photos there :)
  14. obscureserenity

    Great Britain HMS Forward, Sussex 2019

    I can imagine he did and I can see why, I'm tempted to purchase one myself now! 
  15. obscureserenity

    Great Britain Hermitage Mill 14/6/19

    Cool first report! Thanks for sharing this with us :)  
  16. obscureserenity

    Germany Wet Dogs Plant - August 2018

    Urban explorers do indeed come up with some funny codenames. Brilliant report, a really nice set of images you've got there! Cheers for posting. :)  
  17. obscureserenity

    Great Britain Shoreham Cement, December 2018

    One of my first explores, so much nostalgia. Fantastic photos! Thanks for sharing. :)  
  18. obscureserenity

    Great Britain Hougham Battery Dressing Station, 2018

    Great report! Some really nice shots there.  :thumb

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