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  1. raYx1337

    Overlook Hotel (June 2015)

    Hi there. This weekend my girlfriend and me traveled over 1600 kilometers to visit some nice places right here in germany. I have over 1000 pics now. For a finished pic I need about 45 minutes to edit, so it isn't possible to edit all. Hope you can understand it that only the first two pics...
  2. raYx1337

    Hunters Hotel (June 2015)

    I visited this place 3 times now and every time I saw new spots :) Maybe because the keeper is always moving things... Anyway, it's a good place to visit for a few bucks :D He is a really friendly guy and he always give you something to eat after your visit. You also can rent a room for a...
  3. raYx1337

    Hotel Myst (Visited June 2015)

    A great hotel in Germany. I already visited it about 20 times; I saw the change of it. Most rooms are already trashed or demolished, but there are also some nice spots in there :) Never go in there without a good mask! Too much mould, it isn't healthy at all. The building burned already two...
  4. raYx1337

    Hello from Germany :)

    Hi! My name is Sebastian "raYx" B. from Germany :) I am 21 years old and urbexer since 2 years now. I live near Stuttgart so I have a lot of nice places near to me and just a few hours to france & belgium :) Uhhhmmm what to say else? I have a Canon70D 18-55mm (Canon) 70-300mm...

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