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  1. vanishing days

    Band Photography

    Hello eveyone ive been offered some work by MC lars to follow him around the uk on his next tour in march Im looking to expand my kit for this really ive got around 450 to spend my current kit is eos 40d kit lense battery grip bout 20gb of cards what would people suggest i get next i was...
  2. vanishing days

    New camera

    hello all finaly got my insurance money through today from my camera being nicked ive got 600 ish to spend what do people recomend. i did have a eos 50d which i loved was wonderin if anyone had any reccomendations for anything better
  3. vanishing days

    FREE VD i have a website what do peeps think of the lay out before i upload stuff
  4. vanishing days

    Best Pics For My Site

    hey im working on my website at the mo and was wonder if people would let me no wich ones of my pictures are my best so i no wich to put on the site thanks Mr VD
  5. vanishing days

    Great Britain The Hautboy nr guildford - REPORT - 27/06/08

    whent for a drive a while ago cant really say were this place was as i was lost when i found it coudnt find a way into the pub but the out buildings were trashed could see them looked like it had been shut dwn for a long time the main pub looks to be a wonderfull building
  6. vanishing days

    Great Britain Western Outworks Citadel fort - Dover - Kent - 2008

    Situated above the South barrack casemates four guns were placed here, along with gunpowder rooms and a shifting lobby. recently structural supports have been built in the entrances to prevent further structural decay. The gun emplacements to the rear of these structures would have provided...
  7. vanishing days

    st.martins deep shelter - Dover - Kent - 2008

    Southforelands Deep Shelter not in to bad condition tho
  8. vanishing days

    Great Britain MOD Buildings - Dover - Kent - 2008

    explored with solar p dont no anything about these but solar p said they were to do with the mod severly trashed and dangerous bit of a boring one really
  9. vanishing days

    Guilford Shaft - Dover - Kent - 2009

    Explored with solar p guilford stairs lead to the castle and at the top was mr english heritage the angry guy from the trip before but managed to avoid him found this round the corner but was sealed up any ideas
  10. vanishing days

    Old Barn And Farm House - Burham - Kent - 2008

    Explored with solar p in quite a bad state but made for some cool pictures the barn in to the house
  11. vanishing days

    Great Britain The Centre Bastion - Sheerness - kent - 2009

    The centre Bastion explored with solar p and brad g 3 towers located rite on the beach front between the two towers and sited at the same level as the left hand gun tower was a third tower. This was the battery command post which was square in shape with a domestic-style hipped roof and chimney...
  12. vanishing days

    Underground Store - Dover - 2008

    MIss vd found this one not quite sure on what it is maybe a store of some form if anyone could shed some light on it please do my personal fav
  13. vanishing days

    Leybourne grange, Kent - REPORT - 17/06/08

    up the clock tower. unfortunately we coudnt gain access to the main building. and most of the place has now been demolished bit sad really any ways heres my pics bit of history Leybourne Grange is located right beside the M20 near Maidstone ud drive past it and not covers around 270...
  14. vanishing days

    Upper And Lower Oil Mills, Dover, Kent - REPORT 29/06/08

    the upper and lower oil mills are a horse shoue shape and have had many usages built before 19th century they were used to store oil in and as air rade shelters in the war this report is for both upper and lower as i took so many pictures i cant differetiate between them guestbook
  15. vanishing days

    Great Britain Shorne Mead Fort, Shorne - Kent - Report - 27/05/08

    heres my pictures from my trip to shorn mead fort great explore and found the tunnels underneath but due to water level being to high had to stop part way! i love this grafiti i no its sad this guys dancing lol some more great grafiti these are the tunnels i...
  16. vanishing days

    Great Britain Royal Tunbridge Wells Rail Tunnel, Kent - REPORT - 15/06/08

    explored with comfort explorer. this is a dissued railway tunnel in royal tunbridge wells a great place to test out my light painting skills lol this is probably one of my favoirte pictures ive ever taken so far just love it and my friend fido
  17. vanishing days

    Great Britain Plotting Room Dover, Kent - REPORT - 29/06/08

    some more pics of myn and solarpowered trip to dover heres one of the plotting rooms in dover was amazed at the ventalation machinery still being inside. heres lots of pictures of the machiney the filter equipment still in good nick
  18. vanishing days

    Great Britain Dunkirk, Kent - Report - 03/05/08

    here the pictures from my trip to dunkirk i coudnt find the bofors tower were abouts is it as i coudnt find it let me no if u no please heres the pics
  19. vanishing days

    Great Britain Old Bank Chatham, Kent - 28/05/08

    heres a report on this place from what i can understand it was a derpartment store like alders. ot closed and was used by the theatre supposidly. explored with solarpower if anyone noes anything about the history let me no! exterior interior
  20. vanishing days

    Theatre Royal Chatham, Kent - REPORT - 28/05/08

    whent for an explore with solarpower this place is trajic and a real shame that it has been alowed to get into this state plaster work here is amazing the seiling has sadly fallen apart wich is a real shame heres the rest of the pics heres were the stage was here the basment...

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