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  1. cunningplan

    Mrs Browns, Sept 2015

    1000 mile Mega Xplore part 6. The last place on our list for our epic tour, but it wasn't the end for me :( From here I dropped the other to back off in Kent and was looking for my 3 hour trip home. How wrong was I?????? the traffic was on stop on the A20 & M25 and my satnav sent me into...
  2. cunningplan

    Grimms Farmhouse, Sept 2015

    1000 mile Mega Xplore The other two were by now used to my swearing at my satnav, but when we ended up at what looked a block end I nearly chucked it out the window, There was a big river one side and a pub the other :question: so it was not until I got out and saw a small (As in 2 car) chain...
  3. cunningplan

    RAF Upwood, Sept 2015

    1000 mile Mega Xplore Cannon Brewery while in Sheffield, but decided against it due to access and time. It was lucky as we got stuck in traffic on the way down and only just got here in time for sunset. Again another place with needs no introduction and another type of place I like with all the...
  4. cunningplan

    Church Manor, Sept 2015

    1000 mile Mega Xplore day 2 part 4 (These are not in order) After kipping in the car in the corner of a field we made our way here, bit of a walk but, this must be one of the oddest places I have been too. If I knew what it was like inside I would have slept on the floor in there and waited...
  5. cunningplan

    George Barnsley & Son, Sept 2015

    I haven't posted on here for ages, while I have been out and about I haven't done that much this year at all being busy with personal and family matters. Instead of doing the odd one here and there I tend to do the longer trips, I've got a couple of trips lined up in the next couple of months...
  6. cunningplan

    Sacred/Mad Artist cottage

    This was the third location on our list with the second I didn't feel worth a report. Second time here but wanted to show the other two. I found a little more history on this place as its now up for auction and will be sold on the 25th Feb with the guide price of 30/35 grand. (With no vehicle...
  7. cunningplan

    Mist House. feb 2015

    This was the first outing of the year and first on our planned list thanks to nakedeye, but thanks to DC we very nearly knocked it on the head. I went with a couple of none members and lucky we changed our minds and went and had a look anyway and glad we did when we did. We walked up the tracks...
  8. cunningplan

    Ebenezer Chapel. Nov 2014

    I have been trying to find a contact for this place for a long time (Being right next to a police station and on a main road its not a good idea to try and find a way in) Then the last couple of weeks I have noticed there was a light on in the old school hall which is part of it. So on Friday...
  9. cunningplan

    The Ark, Oct 2014

    Not a place I really wanted to go, but as we failed at a nearby site we decided to have a look, to be honest I'm glad we did as the place is huge and I would gladly go again. Lots of history on this place and it seems a shame it got closed down. No externals as it was dark when we got out, I...
  10. cunningplan

    House of the Damned. Oct 2014

    It was a long day with 7 places on our list (Non members) but we were unlucky and only managed access into two :( good thing was that the two we managed made up for the other ones. I have wanted to see this place since it popped up and was my main aim of the day. Stuck in the middle of a...
  11. cunningplan

    Crookham Court. Aug 2014

    This was one for the first places I saw when I started this lark and always wanted to go and have a look, so last weekend my sparring partner and myself set off at a early hour and made our way down the M4. We got to our parking place and walked in. I must say we were very disappointed that we...
  12. cunningplan

    Hidden, Aug 2014

    This was our 3rd port of call for the day, the second was the woollen mill which was my 4th time and have already done a report on here in the past. I took a few new photos and just added them to my flickr album here. Luckily I...
  13. cunningplan

    Police Academy 3 Aug 2014

    Went on a mini tour the other Saturday with a couple of none members and the first stop was here. It was the main Police training centre for South Wales, not sure when it closed but it seams a while now. I was told some photos were lifted and posted on a local online magazine and security might...
  14. cunningplan

    Home for the Blind. Aug 2014

    Taken a bit of time but now up to date with my latest explores, this one was in two parts, Sunday and last night. Over the years I have past this place hundreds of times and after seeing it redundant have stopped by but never been able to get in. Then Sunday I had a text asking if I wanted to...
  15. cunningplan

    Salston Manor, Aug 2014

    After our look around Tone mill, we headed west down the M5 and took a look here. We were having heavy rain on the way down and it was pouring down when we got here, so as it was a long walk we went into the nearest town for breakfast until it stopped. First impressions of the place was it must...
  16. cunningplan

    Tone Mill (Revisited) Aug 2014

    Second time down here (And a 3rd trip planned) as its my type of place. Went to Tone Dale the first time but didn't think what was left was worth the hassle of getting in and my new sparing partner just wanted to go here anyway. As I said I really like this place and we even found a hidden...
  17. cunningplan

    Swallow Farm, July 2014

    With the Mrs still away I picked up a none member to have a look at another farm I had been given, we got there to find it was a no go, so we headed off towards one of the places I didn't have time for a few days before. I must have passed this place quite a few times of late and always...
  18. cunningplan

    House of Dolls, July 2014

    This is the location my satnav was set for, with the traffic and the unexpected stop it took me nearly 4 hours to get here and it was well worth it :) On the long walk back to the car I though I was going to get a lecture or something when there was a farmer in a tractor heading towards me, he...
  19. cunningplan

    Camel Farm, July 2014

    My Mrs had deserted me and gone off on holiday without me and I was board after a hour after she had gone, a couple of texts later and I was on the M4 heading west, the problem was that with the weather everyone else was and heading for the coast. I had set the satnav for the location (Next...
  20. cunningplan

    Journeys End Cottage, July 2014

    This was our last place of the day, it had been a long one and I still had a couple of hours at least to get home from here. all in all it was the best day xplore I have done so far, with 6 great locations with only one fail. The little cottage was down unmade roads in the middle of nowhere...

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