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  1. slayaaaa

    St. Thomas medical school, Block 9, Westminster, London - Feburary 2015

    [CENTER]Intro So some help from Zombizza and Oakley and I was quite excited to get here, so thanks for helping me with that! This place is pretty sweet and we found some nice bits of rat in test tubes and animal testing ephemera. rats lungs and stuff... History The building was part of St...
  2. slayaaaa

    Bata shoe factory boiler house, Tilbury, Essex - December 2014

    Intro Maybe not worth a full report as it's very empty and it smelt quite bad... Still, I'll post this here with a bit of history. The place was once quite big and most buildings still remain including this one. The big three main front white buildings are in use at the bottom floor but the...
  3. slayaaaa

    Ladywell baths and playtower, Lewisham, London - February 2015

    Intro I was hoping this would be a lot better than it was... Wasn't going to put up a report either but after a request and the realization that it hadn't been properly documented by anyone else to my knowledge, I changed my mind. Plus it may raise some more awareness for the place. It's...
  4. slayaaaa

    Old Odeon/Regal cinema, Colchester, Essex - October 2014

    Old Odeon/Regal cinema, Colchester, Essex - October 2014 Intro This had been on my list for too long, unsure why as from what I could see, it was absolutely trashed and pretty much covered in faeces. But despite this I persevered and I'm glad I did. Despite it being trashed and a bit of a...
  5. slayaaaa

    National Temperance hospital, Euston, London - September 2014

    (London) National Temperance hospital, Euston, London - September 2014 Intro Been meaning to post this for some time, only seen 2 reports of this and wondered why, then I went myself and discovered why. Considering the amount of effort, travel money and time it took to get me there and back...
  6. slayaaaa

    Vauxhall railway bridge, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk - December 2014

    Intro I was up Norfolk/Suffolk for a few days and had a few visits planned, nothing went as it should and ended up feeling a bit rubbish. I needed somewhere I could sit on top of and relax for a bit. I found this and was incredibly glad I did. Sometimes you don't need to travel far to find what...
  7. slayaaaa

    North weald redoubt, Essex - December 2014

    [CENTER]Intro Quick report from me, new gear, saw this, spent a few hours here. :) Hope everyone enjoys it, despite the blandness of it. :P : What's a redoubt? Thought I'd add this in as I didn't know what one was either before hand. Further reading:
  8. slayaaaa

    Geminid meteor shower, 12/12/2014

    Just a heads up, saw this on Facebook. Looks like it could be a good opportunity if you fancy staying up. If it's Irrelevant, please delete. :) Wouldn't mind...
  9. slayaaaa

    St. George's hospital revisit, Hornchurch, Essex - November 2014

    Intro Posted a report of the water tower earlier this year on another forum, I revisited with a friend who had never done Urban Exploring before and found it a lot of fun. I personally like doing a fully thorough report, so if you're easily bored, the photos are at the end . History The...
  10. slayaaaa

    Block 8 (Nurses' Home), Oldchurch Hospital, Romford, Essex - November 2014

    [CENTER]Intro I had seen this on 28DL in the past, back then, however, it looked like there wasn't much left of the site and the one block that remained seemed destined to be demolished before 2013 was over and so I looked over it. Then in early November whilst passing on the trains towards...
  11. slayaaaa

    Tolly Cobbold brewery, Ipswich, Suffolk - September 2014

    [CENTER]Tolly Cobbold brewery Intro After a frustrating visit to St. Clement's I wandered down to this and spent a few hours here. I think the reason I didn't enjoy it so much was because I was annoyed I didn't get into St/ Clement's/ Don't get me wrong, it's a nice place. Just not quite as...
  12. slayaaaa

    St. Clement's hospital, Mile-end, Bow, London - August 2014

    St. Clement's hospital Intro First thread on OS, I tend to write a lot, so if you get bored, the pics are below. Apologies if the post is too big! Been holding on to my pics for a while, loved this site a lot. Clock tower was pretty epic and despite the morgue being stripped and rather empty...
  13. slayaaaa

    Hello from Essex :)

    Evening everyone, Been a member of another forum most of you will probably be familiar with for a while now, thought I'd pop up on OS and say hi. :) Been exploring for a good year now, Norfolk, Essex and London, sometimes pop into Suffolk and Kent. Big fan of hospitals, visited a few of the...

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