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  1. Pinkman

    Whitchurch Hospital - Cardiff - June 2016

    Explore No.01 This started as a stop by explore when me & Vixxie were visiting friends in Cardiff, & has evolved into something of a project for us. We were going to go do CWM Coke, but we thought it would be worth having a look at this place instead. We arrived during the day, &amp...
  2. Pinkman

    Kingsway Tram Tunnel - London - Sept 2016

    The History (shamelessly ripped from Wiki) Holborn tramway station was a tram stop underneath Kingsway in central London, England. It was built in 1906 by the London County Council Tramways as part of the Kingsway Tramway Subway joining the separate networks of tramways in North and South...
  3. Pinkman

    Cambridge Military Hospital, Aldershot - Oct 15

    The History I don't think there's a need to add this bit, everyone knows this old chestnut! The Explore Myself, Vixxie & Upright Ninjer began our travels early one Saturday morning. We knew this explore was going to be a bit of a gamble, as we only had a half baked idea of an entry...
  4. Pinkman

    Bass Maltings, Sleaford - Oct 15

    The History, shamelessly ripped from Wiki The Bass Maltings in Sleaford, England are a large disused group of eight malt houses originally owned by the Bass brewery of Burton upon Trent. Constructed between 1901 & 1907 to Herbert A Coachman's design, the Maltings are the largest group of...
  5. Pinkman

    Lincoln plaza, London Docklands – Nov 2015

    The Official sales chat - taken from the website Offering breathtaking views, first class facilities and superlative living accommodation in a location of international status, Lincoln Plaza is set to provide one of the most prestigious and sophisticated new landmarks on Canary Wharf’s iconic...

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