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  1. AlanMowbs82

    DINORWIC slate quarry - aug 2014.

    This was the 2nd quarry i visited on this weekend away and all i can say is wow, the place is absolutely huge like nothing ive seen before, i spent 10 hours on site and i dont think i saw even a 3rd of it, didnt get too see any of the low down underground levels as i just concentrated on the...
  2. AlanMowbs82

    Plas dorothea slate mine/quarry - aug 2014.

    This was the first of 2 slate mines/quarry's that i visited this weekend, the scenery blew me away at this place as much as the explore itself, plenty to see here with all the old slate buildings pump houses etc, big lake itself is used by divers and hides alot of the good stuff, the lake is up...
  3. AlanMowbs82

    Echo sewer overflow - 2014

    Been looking at getting into these for a while now and finally done it on friday night, getting in wasnt fun and it involved getting in water up to our shoulders which looked clean enough but there was the odd condom, towel and poo hanging about lol. The system itself is used as a run off incase...
  4. AlanMowbs82

    ST Martins deep level shelter.

    Morning everyone, managed to finally see this place after waiting for a long time, it was the final deep shelter around the dover area that i hadnt seen so i was pretty happy, nice shelter but stinks of wee wee up the top part and it has been really burnt out at some point but there is still...
  5. AlanMowbs82

    Capel plotting room - 2014

    Eveneing everyone, managed to finally get into this plotting room after looking at it for a while and everyone saying that it wasn't "doable", luckily for me i found a key, a very scary key at that :o great plotting room which had started to get done up by the old owner but it seems like this...
  6. AlanMowbs82

    Esplanade level - dover - 2014

    One truly great explore and something not a lot of people get too see as its been sealed for a good few years. a big place and spent a few hours down their, loved all the old graffiti and history of the place and im also pleased it got sealed back up before anyone got in too wreck it and ruin...
  7. AlanMowbs82

    Brewers yard mine - april 2014.

    Well onto my last visit of the day down in wiltshire, 3 of 3. This entrance was a bit dodgy and being only two of us my missus didnt fancy coming in so i went in on my own, the entrance had dropped quite a bit since last year not leaving much of an access point so the worry of getting stuck in...
  8. AlanMowbs82

    Swan mine - wiltshire - april 2014.

    This was my 2nd mine/quarry of the day that i visited, again a lovely place, a bit more touristy but pretty safe and easy access, plenty too see with the old graffiti and horse shoe markings etc, and also a really well preserved crane. another one that i will be going back to visit as a few...
  9. AlanMowbs82

    Browns folly mine/quarry - april 2014.

    Afternoon everyone this was the 1st of 3 mines i visited in wiltshire last saturday, absolutely loved the place and will be going back again with a proper map as all i had was a map on my iphone, not the best lol. spent about 4 hours in here and could have spent alot longer, entrance was fun...
  10. AlanMowbs82

    COULSDON DEEP SHELTER - april 2014.

    everyones probably seen these many times before but i Popped in here yesterday on the way back from visiting deepdene deep shelter but there's already a new report on that so thought id post up a few pics from my 2nd explore. had been down here before but the mrs wanted too see it so went for a...
  11. AlanMowbs82

    South Foreland 1 deep shelter - April 2014.

    This is the first of two deep shelters that were built at south foreland. This particular shelter was excavated in 1941 by 172 Tunnelling Coy and No.1 Section, 171 Tunnelling Coy. R.E. to provide accommodation and shelter to the gun crews at the Battery site. Really liked it down this one,been...
  12. AlanMowbs82

    Ramsgate tunnels - Cannon road section. - 2014

    Well finally onto our last explore of the night last night, myself, woody and two others went on to do this one, after a long day and night exploring this was 4th on our list for the day/night, been wanting too see this section for a long time so to finally see it made us more than happy and we...
  13. AlanMowbs82

    St Margarets deep shelter - Z rocket - march 2014.

    Afternoon everyone we had a long day exploring yesterday and visited 4 places so im acheing like crazy today, anyway in between explores i popped back down into the z rocket for another look, still like it down their although its a small explore but nice all the same :-). the crazy pidgeons are...
  14. AlanMowbs82

    Shorts tunnels - march 2014.

    just a quick thread of an explore me and my friend woody went on recently. love this place and the old benches people used to sit on during the bombing really makes for a nostalgic explore, so big down there and plenty to see. bit wet in places and a new wall or two that weren't there last time...
  15. AlanMowbs82

    Sarre battle hq explore. - 2014

    Evening everyone, firstly just want to say hello to everyone as ive been a lurker for a good while just reading threads etc so thought its about time i better join up and post something to contribute. One of my best mates woody is on this forum that some of you probably know and we always go...

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