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  1. jane doe

    Great Britain Tetrosyl Headquarters - March 20

    Enjoyed your report and photos :)
  2. jane doe

    Great Britain Rosslynlee Hospital

    nice shots and report :)
  3. jane doe

    Great Britain Fletchers paper mill

    very nice report and great photos :)
  4. jane doe

    Great Britain Yorkshire water bunker.

    Nice report and photos :)
  5. jane doe

    Great Britain Crumpsall Workhouse - Manchester - June 2020

    Enjoyed your report and photos there is some lovely decay and i love the bathroom curtains :)
  6. jane doe

    Belgium Google Church - Jun 2020

    What a beautyful church lovely photos :)
  7. jane doe

    Great Britain Church St Swimming Pool - Dec 19

    The staircase is beautiful , great set of photos :)
  8. jane doe

    Great Britain Bletchley Park - March 20

    Great photos :)
  9. jane doe

    Great Britain Northern Chapel June 2020

    Lovely set of photos :)
  10. jane doe

    France Maison notre dame de la Gnôle (visited 06/2019)

    Wow beautiful place and love pic 5 :)
  11. jane doe

    Great Britain West Heslerton Hall - 09-2018

    The decay in there is beautiful ..lovely photos :)
  12. jane doe

    Great Britain Ravens Morrow Mansion - Dec 19

    Looks a good explore and nice set of pics :)
  13. jane doe

    Great Britain Tolly Cobbold Brewery, Ipswich, Suffolk - January 2020

    Lovely building enjoyed your report and photos :)
  14. jane doe

    Great Britain The Train Line, Norfolk, October 2019

    Like that , :) looks a good explore
  15. jane doe

    Great Britain Maes Mynan Care Home (2019)

    Great report and loved your photos :)
  16. jane doe

    Great Britain JB House, Liverpool February 2020

    Agreed it must of been lovely in its day
  17. jane doe

    Great Britain Musicians House - Dec 19

    What a fasinating place to explore ..enjoyed looking at your photos :)

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