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  1. Urbandoned

    Great Britain Tetrosyl Headquarters - March 20

    Tetrosyl Headquarters This Victorian property was formerly Walmersley Dye Works before it was taken over by Tetrosyl in the 1960s. The company was founded within Bury and Rochdale, and the CEO shows passion to keep a part of the now international brand where it started. Tetrosyl is the...
  2. Urbandoned

    Great Britain Church St Swimming Pool - Dec 19

    Church St Swimming Pool At night, the streets were crowded so I din't get any externals. Church Street School and its ancillary buildings were built for Govan Parish School Board to accommodate 1,308 pupils. The school replaced the former Partick Academy, built on the site by Alexander Watt...
  3. Urbandoned

    Great Britain Blair's Seminary Theatre - Feb 20

    Blair's Seminary Theatre The stunning main building. St Mary's College, Blairs (commonly known as Blairs College), situated near Aberdeen in Scotland, was from 1829 to 1986 a junior seminary for boys and young men studying for the Roman Catholic priesthood. Part of the former college now...
  4. Urbandoned

    Great Britain Woolmanhill Hospital - Feb 20

    Woolmanhill Hospital Woolmanhill Hospital was the original Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, before this moved to the Foresterhill site. The original hospital building on the site was begun in 1740. Designed by William Christall, it opened in 1749. The Royal Infirmary, was rebuilt between 1833 and...
  5. Urbandoned

    Great Britain Bon Accord Baths - Feb 20

    Bon Accord Baths Bon Accord Baths was constructed to provide a centrally located public baths in Aberdeen, as previously the public bathed at baths overlooking Aberdeen beach. Although the foundation stone was laid in 1936 the building was not completed until August 1940 and cost £37,000. The...
  6. Urbandoned

    Great Britain Ravens Morrow Mansion - Dec 19

    Raven Morrow Mansion There isn't much history available for the site, but we think it was built in the late 1980s and vacated from 2014. Apparently there are 14 bedrooms, each with on-suites and owned by some Latvian men, who live in the security house joined to the manor. From what I've...
  7. Urbandoned

    Great Britain Dawson's Fabrics - Oct 19

    Dawson's Fabrics Ltd Built in 1770 by William Marsden who's daughter married Richard Field who then traded there for a number of years until forming the partnership of Field & Bottrill in the 1880's. Now Dawson Fabrics Ltd. The company name Dawson Fabrics closed the doors at Greenside Mill...
  8. Urbandoned

    Great Britain Hulme Hall Grammar School - Oct 19

    Hulme Hall Grammar School External taken on our first visit - workers' van on the left. Hulme Hall School was established in 1928, with a pre-school, junior learning centre and senior school on site. It has an average of 50 new pupils per year and specialises in grammar but teaches the...
  9. Urbandoned

    Great Britain ABC Cinema - Jan/Feb 20

    ABC Cinema The ABC is a grade two listed building designed by William R. Glen and Alfred Ernest Shennan for £200,000 and opened in 1931 as a Forum Cinema. The building has an impressive interior, noted as one of the architect's best, boasting Italian marble lining the walls of the foyer and...
  10. Urbandoned

    Great Britain 'Hunters' House - Jan 20

    'Hunters' House As with most of these sorts of places, there is little to no history we could find. From what we discovered, the building was last used in 2015, and the grandparents that we think lived there were in the process of moving when something tragic happened, causing the structure...
  11. Urbandoned

    Great Britain Wellington Rooms - Sep 19

    Wellington Rooms The Neo-classical building was designed by the architect Edmund Aikin and built between 1815–16 as a subscription assembly room for the Wellington Club. It was originally used by high society for assemblies, dance balls and parties. The Wellington Club was wound up in 1922...
  12. Urbandoned

    Great Britain Chatterley Whitfield Colliery - July-Aug 19

    Chatterley Whitfield Colliery On the outskirts of Chell in Staffordshire, stands an industrial monument of the utmost importance - the Chatterley Whitfield Colliery. The disused coal mine is considered to be the most comprehensive survival of a deep mine site in England from the industry's...
  13. Urbandoned

    Great Britain Preston Odeon - Aug 19

    After trying to see this historic structure since one of first urban exploration trips four years back, finally in Summer we managed the catch the slim gap the property was open for. Preston Odeon Here's some history on the property courtesy of Cinema Treasures. Provincial Cinematograph...
  14. Urbandoned

    Republic of Ireland Our Lady's Asylum - July 19

    Although the lesser of the two main asylums in this area, I was still very attracted to the excessive decay at Our Lady's and when we visited on our trip in Summer it was more than worth it. Our Lady's Asylum Our Lady’s Hospital first opened its doors in 1868 and was then known as Ennis...
  15. Urbandoned

    Great Britain Cowling Mill - Dec 19

    With a completely free weekend for the first time in god knows how long, I was desperate to get out for at least a few hours. After two consecutive plans had to be cancelled due to surprise work shifts, I made use of the spare afternoon I ended up with on Sunday to visit this local spot, which...
  16. Urbandoned

    Great Britain Protestant Martyr's Memorial Church - Sep 19

    After a harder success where only half of the four us exploring got into the location, we were looking for something close by that would be a nice spot for all of us to check out together. We ended up here, and it was a lot more interesting than anticipated. Protestant Martyr's Memorial Church...
  17. Urbandoned

    Great Britain Winnington Calcium Plant - June 19

    Winnington Calcium Chloride Plant Only after we had finished exploring did we set off some motion sensors somewhere on the perimeter of the building, whilst we were taking some externals. The control room and obligatory industrial porn. Conical thickeners, which could settle out...
  18. Urbandoned

    Great Britain Agecroft Substation with Control Room - July 19

    Agecroft 'A' Substation The Agecroft power stations refers to a series of three now demolished coal-fired power stations, which were situated between the eastern bank of the Manchester, Bolton and Bury Canal and the western bank of the River Irwell at Agecroft, Pendlebury, near Manchester...
  19. Urbandoned

    Republic of Ireland Georgian House - July 19

    Georgian House We overestimated any protection that was on this place. For about 45 mins we pushed through thick undergrowth to take a 'lowkey' approach to the building, when in reality, it was really easy. Connecting to the main building is a Victorian conservatory made with iron...
  20. Urbandoned

    Italy Villa Sbertoli - July 19

    After spotting that I wasn't far from this beautiful place whilst away on a family holiday, I couldn't resist taking one morning to check it out. Villa Sbertoli Villa Sbertoli was built in the early 1800s by wealthy merchant Agostino Sbertoli. According to some sources he decided to turn the...

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