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  1. Luke

    Thamesteel, Kent - Feb 2014

    January 2012 350 members of staff at this Sheerness based steelworks made the usual morning trek to work only to find their jobs gone and their months wage-packet along with it. Thamesteel had gone into administration. Despite a small glimmer of hope for the former employees livelihoods in June...
  2. Luke

    Urbex Chairz!!!!! No really!!!!

    A few lonely urbex chairs from my most recent visits to Belgium. I'll have to dig out a few more from the archives.
  3. Luke

    There And Back Again or Belgium, October 2013

    Disclaimer: Lots of words. Proceed at your own peril. Day One: The Great No-Claims Write-Off Our story begins on a Thursday afternoon just like any other. A post on Facebook by me ol' mucker Perjury Saint caught my eye. "Bit last minute but I have a plus one going for Belgium if anyone is...
  4. Luke

    Great Britain Abandoned farm house, May 2013

    Look at all that STUFF! :o What a find this was!
  5. Luke

    Tunnel L33T H, Bakewell - Sept 2013

    That is something seriously magic!
  6. Luke

    Great Britain Covering old ground - shoreham, Feb 2013

    I need a lay down... No, I need to see this place first then lay down. What a cracker!!
  7. Luke

    Miley Tunnel 18/08/2013 IMAGE HEAVY

    I adore tunnels like this! Great work!
  8. Luke

    Sybro Spinning. Slaithwaite. Huddersfield.

    Used to have Severalls a quick cycle ride from mine fella! :)
  9. Luke

    Inverkip Power Station chimney demolished 30/07/2013

    Watching that video was a bit of a kick in the nuts! :(
  10. Luke

    What I Did On My Holidays AKA Belgium Greatest Hits Tour - June 2013

    So after what has seemed like years of waiting and watching every explorer and their uncle get to taste the derelict delights Europe has to offer finally it was the turn of our motley group (bar Mookster the jammy sod as it feels like he's been over here more times than I've had hot dinners) to...
  11. Luke

    Colchester Garrison - fire

    If it wasn't wedged smack dap in the middle of a residential and retail area I'd be surprised the old Odeon wouldn't have joined the list as well.
  12. Luke

    Colchester Garrison - fire

    That was a nice little explore, it's actually quite heartbreaking seeing it go up now. There will be hardly anything left in Colchester at this rate.
  13. Luke

    Belgium Doel, May 2012 (2013)

    A must for sure!
  14. Luke

    What camera do you use?

    5D Mk.2, my baby and love of my life, god knows how much blood, sweat and tears went into saving for it but it was worth everything god damn penny.
  15. Luke

    Great Britain Severalls Asylum (First post - photo heavy) - June 2013

    I'm a bit of a gangly giraffe fella, compressing myself down to fit into those tunnels gives me the screaming heebie jeebies, it's not from lack of trying believe me!
  16. Luke

    Great Britain Severalls Asylum (First post - photo heavy) - June 2013

    That's what I heard Wevsky, not that you could get me down those anyway.
  17. Luke

    Great Britain Severalls Asylum (First post - photo heavy) - June 2013

    I feel you brother, when I was a local I spent more time walking the halls of Severalls than many of the patients did, lost track in the end. It's an explore that gets under your skin, you do get very attached to the place, I'll be torn up once she finally falls to the bulldozer's caress.
  18. Luke

    Belgium The Horror Labs Belgium May 2013

    I don't care who I have to beg, I've gotta get to this place. Those photos of the tissue samples in jars made me need to go lay out in a dark room and calm down.
  19. Luke

    Great Britain Severalls Asylum (First post - photo heavy) - June 2013

    Nice to see the ol' girl again. 10 visits in 5 1/2 months? I like your style. Reminds me of the good old days back when security presence was low and number of holes in the fence was high.

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