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  1. Dubbed Navigator

    Germany Wasserwerke - June 2019

    What an odd and equally awesome little building. Got some cracking angles there.
  2. Dubbed Navigator

    USA Allen Box Co

    Thanks for posting @Beneficial-Cucumber - if you can let us know a month and year we can add it for you.
  3. Dubbed Navigator

    Italy Villa dei pavoni

    Beauty! I bet peacocks were a strange sight if you found one. Love this place, great pics as usual.
  4. Dubbed Navigator

    Great Britain Tams Pottery Stoke; August 2019

    Looks quite an interesting wander this. Pics are getting better too. I’d step back a little personally but each to their own. The big question is, did you get any red colour down the drain? 😁
  5. Dubbed Navigator

    Italy Villa con Striscia... - [07/2k18]

    Even with it being buggered, the detail is amazing. Must have been abandoned some time. Is it on it’s own?
  6. Dubbed Navigator

    Hello to amybeattie, tonyfisher and mrlaptops

    A welcome to @Amybeattie97 @TonyFisher @Mrlaptops If you have time please introduce yourselves Hope to see you around the forums
  7. Dubbed Navigator

    Hello (and a question)

    Hi @TonyFisher I think my reply on your other post covers this, I’m quite interested to see what you have. Welcome to OS!
  8. Dubbed Navigator

    Is there an unnecessary rift within the urbex community?

    I may have come across incorrectly in what I meant by my description of the earning potential. On the whole, earning money from YouTube is no problem in my eyes. It’s how it’s been adopted by a large number of “explorers” who are doing so simply for that reason. It’s a hobby. To turn it into...
  9. Dubbed Navigator

    Anybody else in Surbiton UK or thereabouts?

    Building cadavers. Can’t say I’ve heard that one before 😁 Way too far south for me, and I doubt the londerners would call that local. Sure you will find someone on here though 👍 Welcome to OS
  10. Dubbed Navigator

    Hi from Belgium

    It's an old saying about madness, close 👌
  11. Dubbed Navigator

    Belgium Laundry Day august 2017

    Its number 6 for me actually. It looks like it's about to give up, but not quite ready to yet. Great report.
  12. Dubbed Navigator

    France Bustes 2016

    Probably a sudden death.
  13. Dubbed Navigator

    Good morning from Sweden

    Welcome to the forum @htiawe - good to have you registered up (y)
  14. Dubbed Navigator

    New Member

    Welcome to the forum @JRHurbex - good to have you here. I'm not far from Notts myself, what interests you? some bits and bobs around the area.
  15. Dubbed Navigator

    Hi from Belgium

    Have you started looking for the hairs on your palms yet 😄 Welcome along.
  16. Dubbed Navigator


    Welcome to OS @Laizytail - hope to see you around the forums (y)
  17. Dubbed Navigator

    Welcome Darkjim and Suzanne

    Welcome to OS @Darkjim82 & @Susanne Hope to see you around the forums, be great for you to introduce yourself (y)
  18. Dubbed Navigator

    Support areas & Thread fixing

    Evening OS users! I'd like to point out a couple of additions to the forums you may find useful, and should be aware of. Help and Support area. Pretty self explanatory really. This is for technical issues that you may be having around the forum, questions with your account etc. You can...
  19. Dubbed Navigator

    @ExploringWithTomMeany(Me) - you should post this stuff over on the forums, you will likely get...

    @ExploringWithTomMeany(Me) - you should post this stuff over on the forums, you will likely get some feedback on it then :)

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