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  1. The_Raw

    Italy Villa dei pavoni

    Wow that's nice. I love the main room
  2. The_Raw

    Italy Villa con Striscia... - [07/2k18]

    <3 Those Italian ceilings. Shame it's so fucked
  3. The_Raw

    Italy Teatro tenda rossa... - [07/2k18]

    Amazing shots mate. You got some really nice symmetry going on
  4. The_Raw

    Great Britain Falcon Pottery Hanley August 2019

    Love the old signage on the front and the bits and pieces of pottery left behind are cool. Not so keen on the shitty graff tags though. Shame it's so trashed
  5. The_Raw

    Great Britain Charlottes Place

    That's a nice find. Can you let me know roughly when you visited so I can add a date to the title please mate
  6. The_Raw

    Italy Villa delle favole - August 2019

    Nicely captured mate. Exploring on a vespa sounds awesome :D
  7. The_Raw

    Belgium Chateau - Dépêchez-vous...

    Very nice mate. I thought you were banned from Belgium :p Good to see you back on here 👏
  8. The_Raw

    Belgium Laundry Day august 2017

    Wow what a cool find
  9. The_Raw

    France Command bunker (May 2019)

    That's awesome. Some nice blast doors and the main room looks huge
  10. The_Raw

    Belgium Orange Factory 05/2019

    Liking that mate. Much rust
  11. The_Raw

    Republic of Ireland Kilrush Convent, July 19

    Oof. Some nice features in there. Not seen this one before
  12. The_Raw

    Great Britain Hougham Battery Dressing Station, 2018

    Nicely done mate. Fish eye works well in there. I've still never explored anywhere in Dover believe it or not
  13. The_Raw

    Netherlands Ave Dennis - (Apr 2018)

    Nicely captured
  14. The_Raw

    Great Britain Defense Medical Rehabilitation Center, July 2019

    Dayyum. That last shot is a stunner. I'd be taking all the angles in there
  15. The_Raw

    Great Britain Waterloo and Victoria Tunnels - Liverpool - March 2019

    Some fucking odd bits and pieces in there 🤣 Always enjoy reading your reports Hils 🙌
  16. The_Raw

    Other Mausoleul abandonat, RO (visited 08/2019)

    Amazing as always Andy. The drone shots are superb as well
  17. The_Raw

    Great Britain Longley farm Cheshire July 2019

    Some interesting bits there :)
  18. The_Raw

    Other Facultatea zoologică, RO (visited 08/2019)

    Man that is awesome! Great find 👌
  19. The_Raw

    Other Castelul de reședință de vară, RO (visited 08/2019)

    That's absolutely stunning Andy! Glad you finally got inside :)

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