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  1. klempner69

    Great Britain If You Go Down To The Woods Today in Hampshire, April 2019

    I been retired pretty much from the explore scene now for about 18 months and had the opportunity to spend the day with my Daughter in Hampshire so took the kids for a traipse in the woods..was told there was an old cottage that was boarded up near one the many trails..we found it and saw it was...
  2. klempner69

    Raouf Hotels Sharm El Sheikh January 2018

    This development is about half an hour from my home in Sharm..never realised it was totally abandoned so only had a look round the outsides but I will return...bit of history for yous: A most ambitious hotel this..a former Five star hotel complex comprising of three hotels,Moon,Star and...
  3. klempner69

    Great Britain Keepers Cottage Stud,Surrey January 2018

    Former puppy farm that was often in the local news regarding poor living quarters,alleged mistreatment of dogs and the selling of dogs that often died after new owners took delivery of the young animals..the RSPCA were always closing down the business,but the owner John Lowe simply ignored them...
  4. klempner69

    Great Britain Selena House Swindon March 2017

    This is one for any new explorers in the area who might be starting out and want an easy one.Selena House is or was a nursing home.I have little real history on it but by the looks of it,I reckon it was originally a detached house in grounds that was added to over time.In 2012 however,an...
  5. klempner69

    Great Britain Mountfield House Devon

    This house seemed to come on the urbex scene then vanish.I was asked along on a visit here early March 2017.It was indeed a very interesting explore due the massive content of personal affects left behind as you will see.I understand the house was built 1865 and in the last few decades was...
  6. klempner69

    The Ivy Hotel Swindon May 2016

    The good old Ivy Hotel has finally bitten the dust..thee closest explore one could wish for being only a stone`s throw from my house.Some history to fill you in.... A charming not so little hotel in the village of Wroughton,that started out as Bed&Breakfast concern and went on to become...
  7. klempner69

    Dannah House Nursing Home Swindon February 2016

    This place is only 5 mins walk from me but I had completely forgotten it ever existed,until I went for a walk round my village for exercise after having a Hernia op in January.Later that evening I decided after a beer session to go take a look whilst under the influence and on my own in the...
  8. klempner69

    HMP Shrewsbury aka Dana Prison permission visit Feb 2016

    This was a good way to see an old Victorian prison without hassle and at 57 I dont need that these days! Some background information: HM Prison Shrewsbury was a Category B/C men's prison in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England and closed for good in March 2013. The former prison site, on Howard...
  9. klempner69

    Royalty Cinema Harbourne, September 2015 Permission Visit

    Not had thee best few months of late,so decided on a day on my own exploring.The up side of doing it alone is you only have yourself to please and can take as long as you want..I usually pee fellow explorers off taking far too long taking a simple pic. So I arranged to visit the Royalty Cinema...
  10. klempner69

    Selly Oak Hospital September 2015

    Klemps has come out of retirement once again..Selly Oak sure didn`t disappoint either.As you all know by now Selly`s demolition is well under way so if you plan to see her,go soon. Started off in the Morgue with this Hope this wasnt blood Still some hardware worth seeing Stripping has...
  11. klempner69

    Aida Bliss Engineering (UK) ltd Derby July 2014.

    This really was a laid back explore and one highly recommended for Noobies...bit of history condensed: Union Foundry (latterly known as AIDA Bliss) was built in 1840 besides the River Derwent to the north of the city.In 1868, Alfred Seale Haslam bought the ‘Union’ foundry. At first...
  12. klempner69

    Gaston Marbaix Manufacturing ltd Basingstoke- visited February 2014

    Been passing this wreckage for some time and today decided it was time to take a look.With my long suffering wife firmly planted inside the car along with her book,I took a look around probably thee most derelict building I have done since Royal Arthur.As of yet,I have patchy history but I have...
  13. klempner69

    The Locarno Dance Hall Swindon visited 2014

    I have been kinda retired for some time now but after taking the wife into town shopping,I suggested taking a look round The Corn Exchange aka The Locarno in Old Town Swindon.I have wanted to do this one for years but due to it having set on fire twice in 03/04,I have never bothered,however...
  14. klempner69

    France Le Blockhaus D`Eperlecques ,visited June 2013

    For bunker fans only really..paid a visit after doing another fag run to Belgium.. The Blockhaus d'Éperlecques is a Second World War bunker, near Saint-Omer in the northern Pas-de-Calais département of France and was built by Nazi Germany under the codename Kraftwerk Nord West...
  15. klempner69

    France La Batterie de Cote Zuydcoote,Dunkirk (visited 2012) May 2013

    I try to visit Adinkirke,Belgium every couple of months to stock up on the beer n fags like you do,and most times,I like to take a walk along the beech here to see Zuydcoote,and just sit and ponder.I actually found this Fort by accident using Google Earth and put in the co-ords,and found it one...
  16. klempner69

    Brassington ROC Post (visited 2010) 2013.

    Loved my day here..visited with the late great DHL who prior to this had made me trudge thru Middleton mine..feeling fooked,he said he just had to show me Brassington,and I am so glad he did..the man was a diamond and I do miss him... No history but as per ROC Post general history,this closed...
  17. klempner69

    RAF Yatesbury nr Calne Wiltshire (visited 2005) 2013

    Another one for the archives really,but still important as most if not all of what I filmed is still there.First visited in 2005 for a post sunday dinner walk,then became one of my obsessions.Be gentle with the quality of pics due to me using a simple Kodak Digi point n shoot..never got into...
  18. klempner69

    Hilsea Lido, Permission visit 2013

    This isnt an explore as such,but I was invited to have a look round this restoration project.The Lido has quite a history,but briefly,it opened in 1935 and closed in 2008 when Portsmouth Council wanted rid..the new owners are a Trust,dedicated to restoring the Lido.If you want an indepth piece...
  19. klempner69

    Knight`s House Kiev visited 2012

    Visited this strange but very attractive town house complete with drunken caretaker Short external vid first Insides Promise I wont put anymore vids up ok!!! :-o
  20. klempner69

    Potters Manor visited 2012

    Potters Manor or Steep Park House to be exact,visited on a very wet terribly trashed on this visit compared to two years prior... Vid1 Vid2 And there you have it,all smashed up..wonder what it is like now a year on!!!

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