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  1. klempner69

    Ellis Island Immigrant Hospital (Permission visit) Sept 2018 those wash basins in particular.
  2. klempner69

    Great Britain If You Go Down To The Woods Today in Hampshire, April 2019

    I been retired pretty much from the explore scene now for about 18 months and had the opportunity to spend the day with my Daughter in Hampshire so took the kids for a traipse in the woods..was told there was an old cottage that was boarded up near one the many trails..we found it and saw it was...
  3. klempner69

    Great Britain The Boot Boys House - Dec 2018

    Wow,I would love to know the shenanigans that went on here
  4. klempner69

    Great Britain HM Prison Holloway, London - August 2018

    Top quality shots there..I had an invite to do this but at 60,I am passed all this now.
  5. klempner69

    Great Britain Charing Cross Closed Platforms - Permission Visit - April 16

    I went here last Saturday and most of the posters are now fabricated adverts for no real companies that exist.I too really enjoyed my tour but they dont seem to appreciate us wanting to take many pics..we were rather hurried along so I hung back to click.You captured it all very nicely by the...
  6. klempner69

    USA Old Serial Killer's House

    Wow..thanks for sharing are fine too?
  7. klempner69

    Raouf Hotels Sharm El Sheikh January 2018

    This development is about half an hour from my home in Sharm..never realised it was totally abandoned so only had a look round the outsides but I will return...bit of history for yous: A most ambitious hotel this..a former Five star hotel complex comprising of three hotels,Moon,Star and...
  8. klempner69

    Great Britain Keepers Cottage Stud,Surrey January 2018

    Former puppy farm that was often in the local news regarding poor living quarters,alleged mistreatment of dogs and the selling of dogs that often died after new owners took delivery of the young animals..the RSPCA were always closing down the business,but the owner John Lowe simply ignored them...
  9. klempner69

    Belgium Village of Doel, Belgium - August 2017

    Great report indeedy and I love your pics.
  10. klempner69

    Great Britain Great Tew Manor House (visited 07/2017)

    Lovely shots plus it is good to see a place like this tag free.
  11. klempner69

    Great Britain Brogyntyn Hall, 'House of Tears.' April 2017

    Fabulous shots,particularly number 2.Well done and thanks for sharing
  12. klempner69

    Great Britain Calcott Hall, Wales - April 2016

    What a lovely looking building..thanks for sharing this one..nicely shot too.
  13. klempner69

    Great Britain Old Rectory Care Home - March 2017

    Lovely shots there..I love the pic of the chair with walking stick.
  14. klempner69

    Great Britain Selena House Swindon March 2017

    This is one for any new explorers in the area who might be starting out and want an easy one.Selena House is or was a nursing home.I have little real history on it but by the looks of it,I reckon it was originally a detached house in grounds that was added to over time.In 2012 however,an...
  15. klempner69

    Great Britain Mountfield House Devon

    This house seemed to come on the urbex scene then vanish.I was asked along on a visit here early March 2017.It was indeed a very interesting explore due the massive content of personal affects left behind as you will see.I understand the house was built 1865 and in the last few decades was...
  16. klempner69

    Great Britain 'Squatters' Cottage - Powys, Wales March 2017

    Very interesting..probably an old hippy commune.
  17. klempner69

    Great Britain Chaos Manor

    Someone obviously thought someone was a cnut!

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