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  1. Lara

    Longbridge Tunnels - 2013

    This was my first proper underground splore, so please excuse the pics, new to the light painting so a big thank you to SK and Baron for letting me pinch their light Teeny bit of history Longbridge was where munitions workers produced the Merlin engines that powered Spitfires and Hawker...
  2. Lara

    Crookham Court School - 2013

    Strange feel about the place, as we all know the atrocities that went on here. But we had a really good day, and cracking company! Splored with Skeleton Key, Nelly, Trog and Peaches Standard hallway shots We found a little pet cemetery on our way out...
  3. Lara

    St Georges Hospital - 2013

    We thought we would pop over here for a quick re visit as we had heard rumors that the slab had gone. We ended up spending 6 hours having the best giggle ever, SK dressing up, blind secca and me falling off a 8ft fence, epic times! Splored with Skeleton Key Alas, slab is gone, as is the...
  4. Lara

    St Joseph's Chapel - December 2012

    Another one of my birthday splores with SK, brilliant day and this was a lovely one. We only ventured in to the chapel as the light was fading. My pics aren't that great as was still getting to grips with the lens. Designed by Edward Pugin in 1868 the college started life as a orphanage when...
  5. Lara

    The Morgue - Dec 2012

    Another amazing splore with SK, my first ever morgue and the first time laying on a slab but Im sure it wont be the last! It was a brilliant day, nice and quiet, even gave secca a wave on the way out! Not many pics, as i was still getting to grips with a new lens and lighting, so do excuse the...
  6. Lara

    Truck Graveyard - April 2013

    Yet another little find i found quite by accident, loved this place. The old Fodens and Guy trucks were epic! Splored with Miss.anthrope [ Thank you muchlys for looking x
  7. Lara

    Missile Testing Labs - April 2013

    I know you have all seen SK's pics, and they are brilliant, but i thought i would add a few of mine. I was a really lovely splore, very relaxed until we had to play hide and seek from a man in a jeep, we are the worst hiders ever, but it was a real good giggle. Anyway on with the pics...
  8. Lara

    Car Graveyard - Feb 2013

    Came across this field of cars after a day of failed splores, i was chuffed to bits. There is a history behind it but I cant go into to much detail, but by the sounds of it, it was an obsession that ended a marriage. It was a great mooch, loads and loads of cars, some older than others and none...
  9. Lara

    Soviet Sub Dec - 2012

    I think this was the most scariest thing i have ever done. A late night splore on a Russian sub. It involved knee deep mud and a dingy ride with one and a half oars. But Trog and SK done an amazing job. The sub itself was amazing, im glad i didn't bottle it but inside was so claustrophobic, i...
  10. Lara

    Jacobean Manor - Dec 2012

    I got the chance to see this place with SK, and it was amazing. With the most gorgeous chimney's and fire places i have ever seen. I could have just moved right in. Thanks SK for the external shot Thanks for looking
  11. Lara

    West Park - Jan 2013

    I know this place has been done loads but we had to do it. We had a amazing day surrounded by secca and builders and we some how managed not to get caught. I think this was the easiest splore ever for us! Splored with Miss.Anthrope Thanks for looking x

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