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  1. simpexplorer

    Hayy =3

    Thank you, and I understand! :)
  2. simpexplorer


  3. simpexplorer

    Hayy =3

    Yes, I do fully understand this and have not seen much about it around the forum. On another note, as this is a new hobbie, I've done a bit of reasearch (more like a ton, haha) and found a few local places. Whenever I get the chance to check em out you wuill deffinitly get to hear about it...
  4. simpexplorer

    Hayy =3

    Thanks, @AndyK!
  5. simpexplorer

    What other hobbies / interests do you have?

    :ROFLMAO: That's pretty funny xD
  6. simpexplorer

    What other hobbies / interests do you have?

    That is incredibly intriguing! See, I really dont have very many "Hands on" projects besides drawing, but I can show some pictures of my traditional and digital artworks:
  7. simpexplorer

    Video reports

    I completely understand and agree!
  8. simpexplorer

    Weekly emails

    If I may ask, which day in particular do you send the newsletter? I would just love to read it almost as soon as its sent, thank you! ?
  9. simpexplorer

    How does one become a "full member"?

    Yes, I agree, thank you! ?
  10. simpexplorer

    USA The House With the Indian Painting

    Well, thinking about it, If the painting was bolted, doesn't it make sense to assume something is or was behind it?
  11. simpexplorer

    USA The Doctors House

    Could be possible the husband killed himself because of his not having children. Great report by the way!
  12. simpexplorer


  13. simpexplorer

    Hayy =3

    Hoii, I'm new to this whole "Urban exploration" thing, but i can see the interest is mutual! I live in the urban area of Tampa/Lutz and was wondering if anyone had suggestions for anything near me. I take strong interest in hospitals, schools, asylums, residential places/areas, and am really...

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