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  1. The Excursionists

    Great Britain Tetrosyl Bevis Green Works - Bury - March 2020

    Tetrosyl Bevis Green Works Really enjoyed this pre-lockdown mooch with @Urbandoned. Having spent the last few days go through all my photos and footage, it was nice to take myself back to the explore one evening in March. Accessing the site was no issue including all buildings on the land. The...
  2. The Excursionists


    Shooting windows can be tricky to say the least. You captured it well, nice report ;)
  3. The Excursionists

    Great Britain Crumpsall Workhouse - June 20

    Wheelchair pic near the end is lovely. Great report as usual ;)
  4. The Excursionists

    Great Britain Grand Casino - Southport - June 2020

    Grand Casino This is another well covered site but one we have always took a massive interest in and a long waiting game finally rewarded us with the chance to see inside for ourselves. History: We are sure you are aware of the history here but I will sum it up again. Built in 1923 as a...
  5. The Excursionists

    Germany Maison Bonéh (visited 08/2020)

    As Tom said, decay is brilliant. Love your pics here.
  6. The Excursionists

    USA An abandoned Huddle House and Back Yard Burger in Murray, Kentucky - Aug. 2020

    Something completely different to the U.K. stuff. Love how untouched it is. Smashed it :)
  7. The Excursionists

    USA Abandoned Carbon Black Plant - March 2017

    Nice first report, cheers for sharing!
  8. The Excursionists

    Great Britain Collective Spirit Free School - Chadderton - July 2020

    I'd agree, not the most interesting building to spend a good portion of time in. However, stumbling across it in its abandoned state with power was was slightly more intriguing.
  9. The Excursionists

    Great Britain Collective Spirit Free School - Chadderton - July 2020

    Collective Spirit Free School Collective Spirit Free School was a school that catered for children aged 11-16. It was built to hold 400 students, however only 243 students attended once the school opened in September 2013 on the old site of South Chadderton School. In 2012 South Chadderton...
  10. The Excursionists

    Great Britain Detached House - June 20

    Glad you got it right at the start before it all changed for the worse.
  11. The Excursionists

    Great Britain Ysgol Cae Top, Bangor, July 2020

    Nice first report over here on OS man!
  12. The Excursionists

    Great Britain Dassault Mystere, Andrewsfield, July 2020

    Enjoyed the read. Good effort to dig up some of the aircrafts own history along with the back story to the type of aircraft :)
  13. The Excursionists

    Great Britain Primitive Methodist / Timsons Eng = Kettering June 20

    Really enjoyed that looking forward to other unreported spots :)
  14. The Excursionists

    Italy Villa Moglia (Jun 2019)

    Such a shame about the graffiti etc but you have portrayed it really well
  15. The Excursionists

    Hi all! From North West UK.

    Aye good to see you over here. Looking forward to some of ya reports ;)
  16. The Excursionists

    Great Britain The Crook Inn - Scottish Borders - August 2020

    Cheers :) I wasn't expecting to make anything out of it from the outside but after shooting and looking over the history I thought it was worth documenting. Art deco features aren't too bad either ;)

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