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  1. sj9966

    Great Britain Watchmakers House, July 2019

    Well what can I say about this place, in the ten or so years I have been doing this hobby, this has got to be one of the best places I have visited. Having said that I really haven’t done much exploring in the last couple of years but an out of the blue text from my old exploring mate Rusty...
  2. sj9966

    The Car Enthusiasts, 2017

    One day short of a whole year since my last explore and I finally got my exploring boots on again and visited this old house which is cram packed full of stuff, so much so its actually hard to get around inside.  Whoever owned the place must have been an avid car enthusiast as there are loads...
  3. sj9966

    Codebreakers, D Block, May 2016

    Visited here last Bank Holiday, a cracking place steeped with history and well worth a look. There are only two large blocks remaining on site in a derelict state, G block and D block. G block is in a bad way. It has taken a right beating and is pretty much empty bar some old paperwork strewn...
  4. sj9966

    Great Britain A Lost Power Station, Cheshire, January 2016

    A recent visit to this old Power Station which has been decommissioned since 2000. A planning application has been approved to demolish it and replace it with a new sustainable energy plant. Although approval was granted in 2012 nothing seems to have happened since. Lots of stuff left in situ...
  5. sj9966

    More pics from Pripyat, Halloween 2014

    Back in 2014 over Halloween weekend I visited the Ukraine to see Chernobyl / Pripyat . I posted a report back then but I've since processed quite a few more and have been meaning to post them up for ages. So in no particular order here they are. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10...
  6. sj9966

    Pitchford Hall, Shropshire, June 2015

    My explores of late, for various different reasons have been few and far between. Having seen this gem place pop up last month, it was time to get the exploring boots on and get back out there. This Grade 1 Listed Elizabethan Half Timbered House which has housed Royalty now sits quietly...
  7. sj9966

    The Towers, April 2015

    A recent evening visit to this old Asylum. A place that has been on the radar for a while but for various reasons has always been a tricky one. One part has been converted for a number of years, the other part was partially in use by the NHS up until last year (I think). Demolition / conversion...
  8. sj9966

    The Forgemasters, The Black Country 2015

    A recent very short visit to this old drop forging works crammed pack full of old engineering goodies! The company still exists but has moved to new premises not far away. It's surprising so much stuff has been left behind, the maintenance shop looks like it could be fired back up in no time...
  9. sj9966

    Two days in the Chernobyl exclusion zone, October 2014

    I have been meaning to get here for years and over Halloween weekend I finally made it. It didn’t disappoint, the place is awesome packed full of treasures that have been left behind after the 1986 evacuation. We had a two day private tour of the zone and took in various sights over the two...
  10. sj9966

    A former Catholic Church, the North, June 2014

    This Catholic church was completed in 1853 in what was originally quite a heavily populated area however due to the war damage and continuing slum clearances in the post war the church lost much of its congregation as the district was rebuilt as a business area. In 1998 it finally closed when a...
  11. sj9966

    A Master Cutlers Up North, June 2014

    Opened in 1856 & closed in 2008 (I think) this place produced various forms of Cutlery and Silverware. A real cracking little place with plenty of stuff left lying about inside and some real cool retro offices. At one time there was loads of these little places dotted around Sheffield but...
  12. sj9966

    A Trip to the Zoo, Dierenpark Wassenaar, May 2014

    Whilst on holiday with the wife & kids last week I managed to slip away for a couple of hours to check out this old abandoned zoo. Opened in 1937 and closed in 1985 and at one time housed 3500 animals. The place is massively overgrown and a lot of the old wooden buildings have collapsed...
  13. sj9966

    A small Pumping Station in The Midlands, April 2014

    A quick Bank Holiday solo visit to this old Pumping Station. Commissioned in 1949, I’m not sure as to when it was decommissioned but it looks like it may have been a while. Its a very small place, basically there’s only two rooms to see but there’s some nice old control...
  14. sj9966

    Good Old GB's Cornish Works, Steeltown, Feb 2014

    A recent visit to this well known old toolmakers, the last time I was here was back in 2012 and too be honest it hasn’t changed that much since then. I ditched the wide angle here and took all these shots with a Canon 40mm pancake lens. It’s the first time I’ve really used...
  15. sj9966

    Willington Cooling Towers, January 2014

    We stopped off here on the way back from the DRI. I have seen them many times from a distance but this was he first time I had seen them close up. They were a lot bigger than I thought. There are five towers in total and they are all that remains from both Willington A & Willington B Power...
  16. sj9966

    The DRI, January 2014

    I've been meaning to get over here for ages and this weekend I finally made it over to see this old hospital. A huge place, heavily trashed in places but plenty of stuff left to see. We spent about 4 hours inside with no issues and in no way did we see it all. I believe it shut in stages from...
  17. sj9966

    WWW Machinery, Leicester, January 2014

    Founded in 1897, this company manufactured Wood working machinery until it's liquidation in 2010. I believe the company name still exists in some sort of servicing capacity. A pretty cool place, although the factory floor is empty there is still a few bit's & pieces dotted about. A quick...
  18. sj9966

    Mansfield General (Visited Jan 2011) 2013

    Upon hearing about the demolition of Mansfield General, I had another look over the shots I have from there. A cracking hospital explore, closed for 20 years or so with plenty of decay and exploring goodness inside. I believe demo has started now which is a shame as the UK is about to lose...
  19. sj9966

    Asylum T, Wales, September 2013

    A very recent visit to this Welsh Asylum. The last time I was here was March 2010 and it has changed considerably since then. A lot of the floors have collapsed due to the water getting in and those that are left are pretty spongey. The level of decay is on a par with Whittingham in places...
  20. sj9966

    Great Britain Old Knitwear Works, August 2013

    It's been a while since I've been able to get out exploring so it was nice to finally get back out with a visit to this old knitwear factory. Only a small place but packed full of stuff. I have no idea of the history of the place but judging by the calendar on the wall in the office it closed...

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