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  1. Banshee =}

    South Foreland Deep Level Shelter 1, St. Margarets, Nr Dover, Kent, May 2014

    Fantastic write up and fabulous photos great all rounder =}
  2. Banshee =}

    Belgium Castle of Dreams (Very Pic Heavy) - 2014

    Wowsers what a beauty both inside and out you've captured it beautifully photos are breath taking I need it in my life!!
  3. Banshee =}

    Canon Road Section (ARP) Ramsgate, kent, Dec 2013

    Well worth the wait ... Cracking stuff =}
  4. Banshee =}

    Essex Tower Crane.

    So wish I had a head for heights I'd be away ... Fantastic Photos and the vid was pretty cool too fab share =}
  5. Banshee =}

    Silica Mines (October 2013)

    Top quality shots and lightening super location ... I likes =}
  6. Banshee =}

    Great Britain Not Certain College, Sept 2013 (Pic heavy)

    Pure awesomeness there Baron and some belter detailed close ups ... Rather special place =}
  7. Banshee =}

    Ushaw Catholic Seminary - September 2013

    One beautiful sunny Sunday morning :cool: Headed to off Ushaw North East of England with two complete strangers :errr: (non members lovely couple) after meeting up at local Mc Donalds for fill up and get to know you's ;) we were off :jump Enough of that crap now down to business Don't...
  8. Banshee =}

    Megatron, Sheffield - Aug 2013

    Very nice ... I need this place in my life =}
  9. Banshee =}

    Brinksway deep level shelter, Stockport - Aug 2013

    Fab and has toilets what more do you need cannit see no bog roll =}
  10. Banshee =}

    Shorts Brothers Tunnels. Rochester, Kent, July 2013

    Nice one brill read and worth the wait I'd say =}
  11. Banshee =}

    Great Britain Birmingham Cinema - Aug 2013

    That's rather nice that is =} cracking pics cool report super stuff =}
  12. Banshee =}

    Great Britain Coke Works August 2013

    Wow that's looks good lovely jubbly Hitgirl =}
  13. Banshee =}

    Great Britain George W King Ltd - Hertfordshire - Aug 2013

    Great read and cracking place some cool shots here nice one =}
  14. Banshee =}

    Great Britain Red Dress Manor, April 2013

    Love seeing this place quality photographs and report =}
  15. Banshee =}

    Belgium Love Shack Cooling Tower - July 2013

    God damn awesomeness =}
  16. Banshee =}

    Belgium A mixed bag - for now - July 2013

    Fan bloody tastic =}
  17. Banshee =}

    Belgium Mon G - July 2013

    Pure quality =}
  18. Banshee =}

    Belgium Mon G - July 2013

    Stunning shots in a cracking location =}
  19. Banshee =}

    Scottish Mines - July 2013

    Oooooh tremendous love erm all =}

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